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T4A GPS Road Alerts

A POI Alert is quite literally an alert linked to a point of interest (POI). When the GPS is in close proximity of a POI Alert it will alert you by using a chime as well as flash the name of the alert on the GPS screen.  All Tracks4Africa Alerts appear on your GPS with '(T4A)' at the end of the alert name, so that you know it is a Tracks4Africa specific alert.

We have in the past generated Custom POI files for road markers, in the form of Alerts, which can be loaded onto your Garmin GPS. You can have alerts on your GPS for various road markers/conditions, like toll gates, bad road conditions coming up, speed humps etc.

We included Road Alerts on our GPS Maps SD card up to ver 11.10. (ie. Oct 2011). These alerts were specifically for Cattle grids, Warnings and Changes in the Road condition. An alert would automatically pop up (ie. taken you have enabled proximity alerts on Custom POIs on your GPS) a few metres ahead of the warning POI's spot.  NOTE: we discontinued our Road Alerts on the SD card from release 12.05. Too many people complained about the annoyance of road alerts, and we do not have a huge request from the market for these alerts.

The Road Alert files are however available for up to ver 15.05 (ie. May 2015) on our website, as seperate download links. Please note: As these alerts were configured in 2015, some of them will no longer be true, therefore please use these files at your own discretion).

POI Alert Compatibility with a Garmin GPS

How to install POI Alert files onto your GPS

Settings on your GPS

The following Road Alert files are available for free:

Please click on the Alert file name you would like to receive, in order to send an email request to our sales staff. 

(Please note: These Road Alert Files were configured in 2015, so they may be outdated. We don't have any later files available)

T4A GPS Access Alerts (ie. Gate entrance access etc.) 

T4A GPS Checkpoints Alerts (ie. Police control gates, security checkpoints etc.)

T4A GPS Information Alerts (ie. Fuel storage facility, MTB trails, Drop off point etc.)

T4A GPS Road Junction Alerts (ie. Road junction, Jct E, Jct SE etc.)

T4A GPS Transition Alerts (ie. A change in road condition eg. from gravel to tar etc.)

T4A GPS Speed Trap Alerts (ie. Speed trap points that have been submitted to us)

T4A GPS Speed Hump Alerts (ie. Speed hump points that have been submitted to us)

T4A GPS Toll Gate Alerts  (ie. Toll Gate points that have been submitted to us)

T4A GPS Border Crossing Alerts (ie. Border controls, border posts, immigration and customs etc.)

T4A GPS Warning Alerts (ie. Dongas, dangerous drifts, landmines, deep sand track etc.)

T4A GPS General Road Alerts (ie. River bed crossing, cattle grid, gate, bridge etc.)