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T4A GPS Road Alerts

How to install POI Alert files onto your GPS

Step 1: Connect GPS to your PC or Mac
Use a USB cable to connect your GPS to your PC or Mac. The GPS memory will be available as an external drive on your computer.

Step 2: Copy the .gpi Alert file to your GPS
The POI Alert files which you can download from our T4A GPS Road Alerts page, end with a file extension of '.gpi'.  The files are named according to the POI Alert type they represent. eg.t4a_alert_warnings.gpi
The files must be copied to the following folder on your GPS internal memory:
If the folder ‘poi’ does not exist create it under the ‘garmin’ folder.
Copy the '.gpi' file to the /garmin/poi/ folder on your gps.


POI Alert Compatibility with a Garmin GPS

Setting on your GPS

Download T4A GPS Road Alerts