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Tracks4africa has worked in association with Nokia, and has released a T4A layer in the OVI Maps more layer on a Nokia phone in September 2011.

This layer allows the user to search locations or points of interests, nearby to them, or in another country. Our POIs are categorised and information like descriptions, addressing details, contact details, rates, activities, facilities and photos can be accessed on the Nokia cellphone.

Tracks4africa also submits regular xml data feeds to Nokia, thereby incorporating our POIs onto the Nokia Map.

To find the Nokia T4A App on your Phone:

Start Nokia Maps directly and find the “More” folder from the main service grid. The T4A icon should be within that folder.


If you cannot find the application, it could be that your Nokia phone model does not support any Nokia Map versions starting from the SR3 release.

You can try and update the version of your current Ovi Maps app. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • If you have Ovi Store in your phone, enter it and search for Ovi Maps and install whichever version they have as the latest.
  • The other alternative is, connect the phone to your PC while having Ovi Store installed and running on your PC. With a browser (PC), enter http://store.ovi.com then press “Applications” and search for Ovi Maps then Press on “Ovi Maps” then press “Set my phone” and select your phone model (eg. E75) then at this point, if your phone is successfully connected with Ovi Suite the “Send to my phone” button should be enabled. Press it and OviSuite should push the application to your device. You have to finish the installation on the phone now.

You can also check on Nokia's website to determine if the Ovi Maps app is available for your phone model.