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Travel Itinerary Register

If you are going to be travelling in the future, why not register your trip with us. This will allow us to know who is going where and when, and perhaps you can help us with specific data recordings that are needed in certain areas.

The Register

Name Contact Details Departure
/ Return
Travel Itinerary
Loren Bosch [email protected] 2011/09/01
Nairobi To Cape Town via Kenya Uganda Rwanda Tanzania Malawi Zambia Botswana Namibia South Africa
Frederi Steyn-Visser [email protected] 2010/09/17
Planned: A 17 day family safari with kids in each of the 4 vehicle to Mozambique leaving Cape Town. Hard driving to get to Paruri and entering Mozambique through the Kruger Transfrontier Park. Travel to both national parks Banhine and Zinave to Beira and then down the coast back to South Africa via Ponta de Oura. Then holiday along from Port Alfred to Port Edward and then through Baviaans onto R62 back home. If anyone has info regarding the western side of Mozambique then please contact us.
ELISA BECCARI [email protected] 2010/08/03
03-ago Starting from Milano h. 14,00 04-ago arriving in Windhoek + night in "terra africa guest house" and dinner at "hoe beer’s house" 05-ago Windhoek - Marienthal - Kalahari + game drive in the evening. Night in "bagatelle campsite" 06-ago Kalahari - Sesriem (+ sesriem canyon) - night at sesriem campsite 07-ago Sesriem - Sussusvlei - night at sesriem campsite 08-ago Sesriem - (hostas+ganab oasi) - Swakopmund - "Cornerstone Guest house" 09-ago Swakopmund (Sandwich Harbour) - "cornerston guest house" 10-ago Swakopmund - Cape Cross- Twivelfontein -"aba huab campsite?????" 11-ago Twivelfontein - Sesfontein - Purros?? Purros campsite?? 12-ago purros?? 13-ago Purros - Palmwag - "palmwag campsite" 14-ago Palmwg - Grooteberg pass - Okaukuejo 15-ago Okaukuejo 16-ago Okaukuejo - Namutomi 17-ago Namutomi – Bagani/Divundu "nunda lodge" 18-ago Divundu / Mohango game ressrve? "nunda lodge" 19-ago Divundu / Buffalo game park?? - "nunda lodge" 20-ago Divundu - Grotfontein - "bush baby safari" 21-ago Grotfontein - Otjiwarongo - "okonjima lodge" 22-ago otjiwarongo-windhoek airport 23-ago arriving in italy
Candy Lindsay [email protected] 2010/07/23
JNB, Kruger, Mozambique, Swaziland, Durban, Lesotho, Garden Route, Cape Town, Western Cape, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Bostwana, South Africa, JNB
Wolfgang Schuster [email protected] 2010/07/19
PB Kriel [email protected] 2010/07/06
United Kingdom (London) - France - Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Greek Islands, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa (Cape Town)
Peter van der Linden 824101590 2010/06/28
Departing Cape Town on 2 x BMW GSA’s - routing via Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Central African Rep., Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Marocco, Spain, France, Belgium to London
Braham Botha 833756162 2010/06/11
Day 1: Delmas to Lydenburg Day 2: Lydenburg to Blyde Canyon Day 3 : Blyde to Mopani Restcamp(KNP) Day4: Mopani to Sera Lodge (Xai Xai) Day ?: Sera to Bilene Day ?: Bilene to Marloth via Magude and Moamba Day ?: Marloth to Home
Johan Schnettler [email protected] 2010/06/11
Leave Phalaborwa via Beitbridge, Masvingo, Tete to Lake Malawi. Stand over for 2 nights. Then off to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar for a few days. Then Mt Kilimandjaro and Serengeti, before it is stand over time again at Lake Victoria, then into Zambia and south to Lake Kariba and Vic falls and then back home via Botswana and last stop over at Nata. Travelling with a V8 Land Rover Defender with a Conqueror Commander Caravan and a Toyota double cab with roof top tents.
Niel 823242355 2010/06/11
South Africa Hartswater-Augrabies-Kgalagadi NP-All Around Botswana and driving fro the Caprivi
Dawid Kriel [email protected] 2010/06/09
Cape Town to Maputo Maputo to Pemba coastwise, Across to Mangochi and lake Malawi, Across to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Back to Vic Falls, Finally to Windhoek via Caprivi Home to Cape Town
Bea St. Arnaud [email protected] 2010/06/05
AFRICA OVERLAND 5 JUNE – 11 JULY 2010 37 DAY SAFARI (5 July – 11 July 5/6 Somerset West- Upington - Sakkie se Arkie = 810km 6.45hrs 6/6 Upington- Twee Rivieren * = 252km 2.15hrs 7/6 Twee Rivieren- Nossop * = 160km 3.30hrs 8/6 Nossop - Mabuasehube * = 196km 9hrs 9/6 Mabuasehube - Kang - Kalahari Rest Camp = 250km 5hrs 10/6 Kang - Maun - Okavango Riv. Lodge = 553km 5.30hrs 11/6 Maun - North Gate Kwai = 115km 4.30hrs 12/6 North Gate - Savuti * = 104km 5hrs 13/6 Savuti * 14/6 Savuti - Kasane - Senyati* = 182km 8.30hrs 15/6 Kasane - Zambezi NP (Vfalls) = 123km 2hrs 16/6 Zambezi NP (Vfalls) 17/6 Zambezi NP (Vfalls) 18/6 Vic Falls - Chizarira Lodge = 322km 6.30hrs 19/6 Chizarira Lodge 20/6 Chizarira - Kariba - Lomugundi = 340km 6hrs 21/6 Kariba 22/6 Kariba 23/6 Kariba - Mana Pools *- Chitake #1 = 200km 4hrs 24/6 Mana Pools * 25/6 Mana Pools * 26/6 Mana Pools - Harare = 389km 7hrs 27/6 Harare - Chicamba = 420km 5.30hrs 28/6 Chicamba - Inhassoro = 462km 6.30hrs 29/6 Inhassoro 30/6 Inhassoro 1/7 Inhassoro - Pomene = 262km 3.10hrs 2/7 Pomene 3/7 Pomene - Pandane = 202km 2.40hrs 4/7 Pandane 5/7 Pandane 6/7 Pandane - Xai-Xai = 276km 5hrs 7/7 Xai-Xai 8/7 Xai-Xai - Nelspruit = 425km 6.30hrs 9/7 Nelspruit - Bloem = 750km 6hrs 10/7 Bloem - Beaufort West = 540km 4.30hrs 11/7 Bloem - CT = 460km 4hrs
David Leclezio 828815577 2010/06/02
Kimberley Augrabie Falls Ais Ais Windhoek Soussusvlei Etosha Fort Sesfontein Palmwag Henties Bay Swakopmund Windhoek Mariental
Dave Chambers 824536407 2010/05/27
Durbanville to: Oranjerus (Keimoes), Augrabies, Rooiputs, Urikaruus, Kalahari TC, Grootkolk, Gharagab, Motopi, Bosobogolo, Mpatyathutiwa, Mabuasehube, Kathu, Witsand, Calvinia. Any fellow travellers going to be in that area at that time?
Sarel en Elize de Klerk [email protected] 2010/05/24
Central Kalahari Park, Maun, Mangwe Lodge, Then to Tsondilo hills, Poppa Falls, Rundu, Katimo Molilo, Victoria Valle, Hwange, back to South Africa
Harald Koch [email protected] 2010/05/22
Hosea Kutako International Airport Swakopmund Walvis Bay Sesriem Sossusvlei Sesriem Koiimasis Farm (Tiras Mt Conservancy) Aus Rosh Pinah Potjiespram camp (New facilities) Richtersberg Rest Camp Sendelingsdrif rest camp Ais-Ais Canon Roadhouse Hobas Rest Camp Hobas Viewpoint, Fish River Canyon Augrabies Falls National Park Rest Camp Upington R360 [Tar] Tweerivieren Mata Mata Nossob Mabuasehube Ghanzi Tautona Lodge Xade Piper Pan Sunday pan Tau Pan Ghanzi Tautona Lodge Okambara Hosea Kutako International Airport
Terry Breen [email protected] 2010/05/08
Mtunzini, KZN to Maputo, on to Inhambane, Vilankulos, Gorongosa and Caia. Turning off to Morrumbala and Chipanga to cross the ferrt on the Shire river and onto Mutarara. We then enter Malawi from the South, over night at Nchalo Sugar Estate and on Blantyre.
Adrian North [email protected] 2010/05/06
(Proposed) England - France - Spain - Morocco - Mauritania - Senegal - Mali - Burkina Faso - Ghana - Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Gabon - Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo - Angola - Namibia - South Africa (+ Botswana possible)
Bea St. Arnaud [email protected] 2010/05/05
AFRICA OVERLAND Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mocambique, South Africa 5 JUNE – 11 JULY 2010 37 DAY SAFARI (5 July – 11 July) 5/6 Somerset West- Upington - Sakkie se Arkie =810km 6.45hrs 6/6 Upington- Twee Rivieren =252km 2.15hrs 7/6Twee Rivieren- Nossop =160km 3.30hrs 8/6Nossop - Mabuasehube =196km 9hrs 9/6Mabuasehube - Kang - Kalahari Rest Camp =250km 5hrs 10/6Kang - Maun Okavango Riv. Lodge =553km 5.30hrs 11/6Maun - North Gate Kwai =115km 4.30hrs 12/6North Gate - Savuti =104km 5hrs 13/6Savuti 14/6Savuti - Kasane - Senyati =182km 8.30hrs 15/6Kasane- Vic Falls Zambezi NP =123km 2hrs 16/6Vic Falls 17/6Vic Falls 18/6Vic Falls Chirundu Gwabi River Lodge =526km 7.30hrs 19/6 Chirundu 20/6 Chirundu Kariba Lomugundi =96km 2hrs 21/6 Kariba 22/6 Kariba 23/6Kariba Mana Pools Chitake #1 =200km 3hrs 24/6 Mana Pools 25/6 Mana Pools 26/6 Mana Pools Harare =389km 7hrs 27/6 Harare Lake Chicamba =420km 5.30hrs 28/6 Chicamba Inhassoro Hotel Seta =462km 6.30hrs 29/6 Inhassoro 30/6 Inhassoro 1/7 Inhassoro Morrungulo =225km 3.30hrs 2/7 Morrungulo 3/7 Morrungulo Inhambane Jangamo =161km 2.40hrs 4/7 Inhambane 5/7 Inhambane 6/7 Inhambane Xai-Xai = 250km 5hrs 7/7 Xai-Xai 8/7 Xai-Xai - Nelspruit = 425km 6.30hrs 9/7 Nelspruit - Bloem = 750km 6hrs 10/7 Bloem - Beaufort West = 540km 4.30hrs 11/7 Bloem - CT = 460km 4hrs
John Glaeser & Sean Marchesi [email protected] 2010/05/01
Jhb to Gibralta along the East Coast of Africa. Through Spain to France.
robert stephens [email protected] 2010/04/14
driving from Durban into Mozambique. Heading North maybe as far as Niassa, then back down through limpopo / kruger and finishing in Joburg Plan to visit gorongosa, zinave not sure on exact itenery yet
Henry Pratt [email protected] or 0722166394 2010/04/05
We plan to travel from N Ireland, to Algeria, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, DRC, Uganda, Kenia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique in prettys straight lines to reach George with four vehicles and 21 people. This trip is still in the planning stages
Joost en Bianca van der Heijden [email protected] 2010/04/05
We intend tot travel from Eindhoven (The Netherlands) tot Cape Town by 4x4 (more precisely an almost 27 year old Toyota LandCruiser HJ60). Countries we’ll possibly visit outside Europe are: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenia, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa. We will be using a Garmin GPS Map 60 CSX to find and track our route. In a few minutes we’ll buy the T4A Maps.
robert taylor [email protected] 2010/03/29
scotland--south africa unsure of route have to be in south africa by june 2010 world cup,i will have around eight weeks to get there and much the same on return
Neil Rautenbach 7825260825 2010/03/01
UK to SA via West Coast France Spain Morocco Mauritania Mali Burkina Faso Ghana Togo Benin Nigeria Cameroon Gabon Congo DRC Angola Namiba South Africa
Herman Erdtsieck MamboViewPoint 2010/02/10
We just opened a ecolodge in the UsambaraMountains and bought a Garmin GPS Since the Usmabara’s are not well tracked we will send you the tracks. It is just not clear yet how I have to send you f.e. our location and the tracks.
Dirk Burger [email protected] 2010/02/01
Namibia Zambia Malawi Tanzania Kenya Uganda Rwanda Mozambique Detail itenerary is has been stolen together with my laptop. Busy trying to download T4A (full version) which I have bought before.
Robert and Clary Van Den Hoven [email protected] 2010/02/01
South Africa to Europe via the East coast (2010) Europe to West Africa via Southern Lybia/Eqypt to the Middle East back to Europe(2011) Europe to Singapore (2012) Singapore via Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia to Europe (2013) Alaska to South America(2014 and 2015)
Ron de Raad [email protected] 2010/02/01
I am currently in Sydney having ridden from Uk via China and then South. I hope to get to Cape Town start of Feb to ride North to Egypt. I would be happy to take any advice and make use of the Tracks4Africa system. My gps unit is a zumo 550. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Ron
Richard Collyer [email protected] 2010/01/02
All countries in Africa except Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria. Richard
hugo bovill [email protected] 2009/12/14
marseille / tuis /libya Chrsitams Egypt/Aswan Sudan / Ethiopia/ Kenya Illoret/ End March Tanzania / Malawi / Zimabwe/Botswana/ Namibia/South Africa June.
Erich Reisenberger [email protected] 2009/11/26
Travel from Europe via East Africa to South Africa. Tunesia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Naminia, South Africa. Travelling with 2WD Camper Van and Garmin 765T.
James Kristen [email protected] 083 399 1034 2009/09/28
Going to Lion & Elephant in Zim then to Casa Msike in Moz and then to Cahora Bassa and back...
Josh Dayment [email protected] 2009/09/01
I live in Bamako, Mali
Bryan Jones [email protected] 2009/07/01
By Land Rover Defender from Cape Agulhas, South Africa to North Cape, Norway. via Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Italy (again), France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway. Then back south through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands to UK by ferry. Vehicle ships by sea back to RSA. The two of us either travel back on the same ship or fly home. Trip distance about 46,000 kms. Subject to willing sponsors we hope to give away as many free World Cup 2010 soccer balls en route as we can carry in the vehicle (deflated of course!) to schools and villages in the remoter sections of our route, especially in Africa. Navigation by Garmin GPS Map 60Cx with Garmin and T4A maps for the majority of the route.

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