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Town Small Merweville

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Located in South Africa :: Western Cape (Great Karoo)
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Merweville lies way off the beaten track in an area strongly resembling Nevada. On the outskirts of the tiny town is the grave of an Australian soldier, so disturbed at fighting the Boers during the Anglo-Boer War, that he committed suicide.

The tiny Central Karoo town of Merweville lies in a picturesque area of plains often likened to the desert region of the United States. The similarity is so striking that film makers often choose this sector of the Great Karoo to portray scenes in Nevada and Arizona. One international advertising company filmed a J & B whiskey corporate advertisement on the outskirts of the town. The scene called for a tiny town on the Mexican border, a road which ran off into the sunset and a couple of lovers. Set builders created some adobe huts, cars and actors were imported and the producers proudly announced that when the final product was screened 'no one knew the difference.'

Farms called Montana and Arizona today bear testimony to the fact that early farmers also likened this arid zone the American desert. Merweville lies in the Koup. The word means 'caulfat'. The area was named by early indigenous inhabitants. They felt the patches of golden veld grass interspersed by dark brown ground resembled the fat and blood vessels surrounding a sheep's liver. The reason for this name is quite apparent at the onset of winter.

Then the veld is less lush. The gold and brown patches become quite evident. Merweville has got petrol and diesel available and there is shops that are well stocked. The closest mall and shops are in Beaufort West 76km away.

Address :  Karoo, South Africa
Cellphone Reception :  Intermittent Main Cellular Network :  MTN. Vodacom. Cell-C

Destination Information
Police Hospital Doctor Tourist Information Office Petrol Diesel Shops Shopping Centre ATM Lodging Camping Butchery Airstrip Towing Service
Facilities :  Tour Services
Tourist Information Telephone :  +27(0)23 415 1488

Travelling Information

The best time to travel here would be from March to May, and September to November. The rainy season is from December to February, but with very limited rain. Fuel is available during normal business hours. Travel info on the minor route between Sutherland and Merweville, via the Rammelkop Pass and onto the Karoo National Park: It was reported that during October 2013 this road condition was good, but with many manual farm gates to open and close on the Sutherland side. Going further towards the Karoo National Park, find out possibly from Sanparks website wrt flooding in the area and the conditions of the roads.

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“Fuel is available during normal business hours and also at Prins Albert Road on the N1, 44km to the South East. ” - Leonico Erasmus, 2013/11/28

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