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Plains/Plateau Marienfluss

ID: w143523 View large map

Located in Namibia :: Kaokoland :: Otjinhungwa Area
Category: Land Mark :: Plains/Plateau

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Description [ correction ]

The name comes from German and means Mary's River. This is misleading as it is not a river but a beautiful grass valley. It is flat and surrounded by mountains and was probably formed by glaciers. An attraction in the Marienfluss are the Fairy Circles - large circular areas where nothing grows and nobody knows the reason.

Please stay on the main tracks when visiting this area. Venturing off to make new tracks or private tracks destroys this delicate environment, and is disrespectful to the local people and animals.

Contact [ correction ]
Address : Kaokoland, Namibia
Cellphone Reception : Nothing

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Travelling Information

In the entire Marienfluss Conservancy, wild camping is not allowed. The only possibilities to overnight at the Kunene are: Marienfluss valley at the Okarohombo Community Campsite, Okahirongo River Camp or Camp Syncro.
In Hartmann Valley you can camp at Serra Cafema or Schoemans Camp.

- Stay on main track!
- No off-road driving
- (Deep) sand
- Heavily corrugated!

 Travel Tip!

Please respect the Himba villages and stay on the main tracks only! There is no cellphone signal in the Marienfluss valley and in the wider vicinity.

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