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Border Control Kazungula Bridge Border Post (ZAM/BOTS) 06h00-18h00

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Located in Zambia :: Four Nations
Category: Civil Infrastructure :: Border Control

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Description [ correction ]

The Kazungula Ferry was replaced by the Kazungula Bridge in October 2020.

The motorized pontoon ferry operates between the border posts at Kazungula Zambia and Kasane, Botswana. It is one of the largest ferries in South Central Africa crossing the 400 m wide Zambezi River and the ferry has a capacity of 70 tonnes, the ferry carry cargo and people across Zambezi to Kasane. The ferry serves international traffic of three countries directly (Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe).This is because the ferry links the Livingstone-Sesheke road to the main North south highway of Botswana through Gaborone into South Africa into Kasane- Victoria Falls road through Zimbabwe. The ferry operating times are between 06h00-18h00 (GMT+2) Time Guideline.

The crossing, about 500m long, is a fairly short trip, taking less than 10 minutes.

FEES for border: third party insurance ZMK560, district vehicle levy ZMK30, carbon tax ZMK200, road toll USD20. The fare to cross is ZMK150. (Jan-19).

Contact [ correction ]
Address :  22km or 22mins NW of Katombora, Zambia
Contact :  Kazungula Border Post - Customs Office
Tel :  +260(0)21 138 4000
Host Website :  Click Here

Opening Times :  [ correction ]

06:00-18:00 (GMT+2) Time Guideline

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Rates and Payment [ correction ]
Comments :  (Rates updated Oct-17).
Payment Methods Accepted :  Cash, Foreign Currency
Types of Foreign Currency Accepted :  USD
Fee/s :  3rd PartyInsurance ZMW400-ZMW500 depending on the type of vehicle; Road Access USD30 valid for a year; Council Levy USD20 per car paid on entry and exit; Carbon tax (up to 3000cc)ZMK150.000; Toll fee USD20 & Ferry USD30; Kazungula district fee: ZMK40 000.

Travelling Information [ correction ]
Closest Town :  Katombora

All payments are made in Cash. There is a bank with an ATM where visitors can withdraw cash using their Visa Cards. There is also a bureau de change for foreign currency exchange.

There is a clinic - The Kazungula Weigh Bridge Clinic.

The fun starts on the Zambian side. First, you have to find parking, between trucks as the border post buildings are not far from the ferry landing site. You then enter a small building on the right-hand side of the road, stepping down two or three steps into the Immigration Hall.

After getting your passport stamped, you are handed a Police Clearance Form by the Custom counter on your left. This where local knowledge came in handy - you then exit the building and walk towards a shed on the western side of the road (opposite the Hall). A number of Police officers wait there - note that they are not always in uniform.
One of them then escort you to your vehicle and looks for the chassis number. If satisfied, he will walk you back into the Immigration Hall, take you around the back of the counters you stamped your passports at and sign off the Form.

You now leave this building and walk to another (small) building at the back, via a courtyard. Here you wait until a chair becomes available on the inside of the Customs Import building - there are only 3-4 chairs available. The officials are all friendly and courteous. When you have shuffled from chair 4 to chair 1, you get to sit at a table where you complete a form for importing your vehicle.

After a while, the official returns the form that you have completed and you fill in a register at the same table, with (once again) all the details of your vehicle. The outcome of all this is a Customs Import Permit, issued free of charge. You also get given a Notice to Motorists which clearly indicates what the next steps will be. You also get a sheet with the vehicle fees payable at the Border Post, kindly marked up by the same official.

In the same building you pay Carbon Tax, at a counter in the same room, in Kwachas. For a Cruiser, that amounted to ZMK275 (about ZAR320), for which you get given a receipt. You then leave the building via the courtyard, exiting on the south and head towards another small building where you have to pay Road Toll Fees. This is fixed for South Africans at USD20 (US Dollars). Other countries pay more: Namibia USD38, Botswana USD48 etc. You receive quite an impressive Road Transport and Safety Agency certificate stating the distance you will be travelling in Zambia (so have your itinerary with you or memorised).

So far so good - the CIP process took the longest, about 40 minutes. (2019).

Next you move to a small building to the south of where you paid Toll Fees, to pay the Council Levy. The musical chairs method applies again – you can only enter when chair 4 becomes available, and only pay when you get up from chair 1. In Kwachas, for 4X4's you pay ZMK30. Cars ZMK20, light trucks ZMK40 and so on. Once you have paid, you write up your particulars in a register.

This is where you need to be careful - a helper then sends somebody off with all the documentation to obtain your Third Party Insurance. This is private sector, not government. The information sheet given in the CIP room indicates what all the vehicle fees will amount to, and the kind officials may warn you against paying more than the ZMK162 indicated for 3rd Party insurance. You pay your helper, who does help you save some time. The whole process can be done without assistance as long as you know where to go.

Upon exiting the border post, you hand in another of these small pieces of paper stating your registration number. The 3rd Party people await you on the other side of this gate. (2019).

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