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Protected Area Khaudum National Park

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Located in Namibia :: Kavango  :: Khaudum GR Area
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Khaudum National Park borders Botswana and is unfenced to allow animals to follow their natural migration routes from the Okavango Delta and Kavango River. The park is famous for its large herds of elephant but giraffe, African wild dog and predators like lion, leopard, spotted hyena and jackal also occur. A wide variety of antelope and some 320 bird species have been recorded. In addition, Khaudum is the only park in Namibia which protects the Northern Kalahari Sandveld biome with its forest savannah and woodland.For millennia, the land in and around what is now the Khaudum National Park has been home to clans of hunter/gatherers. With the disruption of traditional social systems, these groups now inhabit a cultural hinterland in conservancies and villages around the park which blend ancient and modern. Hunting within park boundaries is prohibited but conservation-driven community development is promoted. The absence of fences allows free movement of wildlife into locally-owned land, enhancing tourism potential and providing much needed income to communities.
Khaudum was proclaimed a Nature Reserve in 1989 but was given National Park status in 2007. The park can be described as Namibia’s ‘forgotten wilderness’ as it attracts few visitors, is large and extremely wild with a very rudimentary tourist infrastructure.

Traveller Description

Long grass can sometimes make it difficult to spot animals. Deep sand and hidden tree roots will slow you down and you also need to take care of branches pushed onto the tracks by elephants. The park has two camps: Khaudum in the north and Sikereti in the south. Both are very basic so you need to be self-sufficient. Travelling the eastern route from Khaudum to Sikereti can be problematic during the rainy season but it's worthwhile as it passes many waterholes. If in doubt, phone the park officials on +264(0)61 284 2111 to inquire about road conditions. The drive can take up to a day, depending on your stops.

Address :  Boesmanland, Namibia
Contact :  Khaudum Park office
Tel :  +264(0)66 258 846
Tel2 :  +264(0)66 258 847
Host Website :  Click Here
Cellphone Reception :  Nothing

Opening Times : 

All Year

Time Information
Gate Opening and Closing Times :  Sunrise to Sunset

Rates and Payment
Fee/s :  NAD30 per person and NAD10 per vehicle. (Feb-2018)

Destination Information
Lodging Camping Towing Service
Towing Service Telephone :  +264(0)81 129 7490 / +264(0)62 500 132 (Polka Tow-in Okahandja)

4WD Trails

Travelling Information
Closest Main Route :  D3308 & D3303

Self Drive Access :  Yes
Vehicle Type :  4WD

The park has two camps: Khaudum in the north and Sikereti in the south. Both are very basic so you need to be self-sufficient.

No fuel is available in the park so you need to carry extra - remember that the park’s deep sand tracks will drastically increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The nearest clinic to the northern part of the park is 37km north of Khaudum Camp on the Katere-Khaudum road; in the south you’ll find one at Tsumkwe.

You drive in very thick sand in Khaudum.

You need an off-road vehicle to visit Khaudum and for your own safety it’s recommended that you travel in a party of at least two vehicles. You should not attempt to tow a trailer in the park.

Since you let your tyres down for deep sand you need to be careful on the rocky sections. Some forest areas can also be quite thick and the roads are curvy, so you may surprise an elephant around the corner! Elephants do push trees over onto the tracks, and there may lots of branches and sticks on the track, dropped by the elephants.

Also take care when you encounter soft sand and trees, for offending sticks or roots that can cause tyre ruptures.

Travelling the eastern route from Khaudum to Sikereti: This route may be impossible during heavy rains, due to damage. You can contact them on +264(0)61 284 2111 to make sure.

This is a worthwhile route as it passes through many waterholes. You may encounter large herds of elephant. This drive can take up to a day, depending on your number of stops etc. There are many lions around too.

The route out if the north of the park from Khaudum: is deep sand all the way out to the Tarmac.

No camping or fires are allowed outside of the designated camping site areas. Do not feed the animals!

The nearest towns for food supplies and fuel are Tsumkwe, Rundu, Divundu and Grootfontein.

For more info phone Ministry of Environment and Tourism at Tel: +264(0)66 255 403 or Khaudum Park office: +264(0)66 258 846 or +264(0)66 258 847. (Oct-17).

 Travel Tip!

Allow yourself enough time when you head south out of Khaudum NP. You will want to stop at the Dorsland Grootboom, an ancient Baobab tree (find it on your T4A GPS map) and the Living Museum of the Ju/’Hoansi-San, which you will pass on your way to Tsumkwe.
If you head west for Grootfontein or Rundu from Tsumkwe, you will pass through a veterinary control point before you reach the B8 highway. You are not allowed to take raw meat past this point.

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“Khaudum is a stunning park with lots of animals and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately the camping facilities were in despair February 2014. (Not even water.) Apparently a new tour operator took over and were waiting for the end of the raining season to start building a lodge and upgrading the camping facilities. If you like the challenge of driving in thick sand, Khaudum is the place for you! ” - Karin Theron, 2014/03/10

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