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Town Rehoboth

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Located in Namibia :: Central Namibia :: Rehoboth
Category: Places :: Town

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Description [ correction ]

In 1845 a German mission was established among the resident Nama (Khoikhoi) in the place known today as the town of Rehoboth. However, the mission was closed after coming under frequent attack from the Nama. In 1868 Hermanus van Wyk, of mixed race or 'Baster' family, left the Cape Colony to escape discrimination and harassment. In 1870 Van Wyk’s clan discovered the fertile area around Rehoboth, which at that time had largely been abandoned by the Nama people who'd came under attack of the Oorlam Afrikaners. In the late 18th century Oorlam Afrikaners, a sub-tribe of the Nama people, migrated out of the Cape Colony and were assimilated into Damaraland.

In 1885 Captain Hermanus van Wyk, who was the leader of the Rehoboth people, negotiated with the German Empire for protection against the local tribes. In return he supported the German Empire during the War of Resistance (1904-1907), the Herero and Nama uprising against German colonial rule. During the WW1 they refused to take up their weapons against South Africa, with the result that they gained several privileges above the Herero and Nama during the subsequent South African occupation of South West Africa (now Namibia).

Today the town is inhabited by the Baster community, the racially mixed descendents of Hermanus Van Wyk and the local Khoikhoi women. Their language is still Afrikaans and they are a highly respected minority community with strong political influences.

Contact [ correction ]
Address : Central Namibia, Namibia
Cellphone Reception : Good Main Cellular Network : MTC. LEO

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Destination Information [ correction ]
Police Station : Yes   Police Telephone : +264(0)62 523 223
Hospital : Yes   Hospital Telephone : +264(0)62 522 006
Doctor : Yes   Doctor Telephone : +264(0)62 522 006
Petrol : Yes   Petrol Type : LRP/ULP   Petrol Price Index : 10,04 NAD (Feb-2012)
Diesel : Yes   Diesel Price Index : 10,57 NAD (Feb-2012)
Towing Service : Yes   Towing Service Telephone: +264(0)81 292 8833
Facilities : Gas Refill, Shopping Mall, Shops, General Dealer, Bank, ATM, Foreign Exchange, Lodging, Camping, Butchery, Bakery, Liquor, Restaurant, Pharmacy, Airstrip, Tyre Repair, Tyre Sales, Mechanical Repair

Activities [ correction ]
Notes on Activities: (Some activities may be offered nearby).

Travelling Information

Gas can be refilled at Afrox.

Take note: Garage or Petrol cards will no longer be accepted as a legal tender for purchase of fuel, spares or repairs in Namibia. Cash, Debit and Credit cards are accepted at most fuel stops in the larger and touristy towns. Just always take extra cash with in case they only accept cash!

Number of mechanical repairs workshop: +264(0)62 523 686.

There are several good shops in town, as well as a bakery and liquor store.
The town also boasts a big shopping centre conveniently located right next to the highway.

Rehoboth Museum: +264(0)62 522 954.

 Travel Tip!

The Rehoboth museum is open Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 16:30 (closed for lunch between 12:30 and 14:00). It’s best to
call and confirm that they’re open before taking the drive to Rehoboth to visit the museum. The Lutheran Paulus Church is also well worth a visit.

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