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Capital City Khartoum

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Khartoum is the second biggest city in Muslim North Africa and the capital of Sudan and of Khartoum State. It is located at the confluence of the White Nile flowing north from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile flowing west from Ethiopia. The name Khartoum means 'Elephant's trunk', because that is the shape of the meeting point of the White and the Blue Nile, that resembles an elephant trunk. The location where the two Niles meet is known as 'al-Mogran'. From there small one-storied houses stretch out for miles in everywhere. The main Nile continues to flow north towards Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea.

In years gone by, it was a vibrant place where many things happened, and foreigners were attracted by the mixture of the exotic and the easy-going attitude. Things don't happen easily anymore. Like most post colonization African States, Khartoum is hibernating and steady decay has set in. Offices shut down just as you're about to enter.

Address :  Sudan

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Police Hospital Embassy Petrol Laundromat Shopping Mall Shopping Centre Bank ATM Internet Cafe Lodging Camping Restaurant Pharmacy Airport Mechanical Repair
Facilities :  Tour Services

Other Facilities :  Auto Dealer. Auto Glass Repair. Auto Spares. Animal Care/Rescue. School/s. Courier Service. Photocopying Services. Fast Food. Club. Government Services.

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“The Siege of Khartoum is the setting for Wilbur Smith's novel "The Triumph of the Sun". Many of the names, routes and areas realistically described in the book, can still be recognised today.It is suggested that the book be read in conjunction with the T4A map of Khartoum. The Battle of Khartoum from March 13, 1884 to January 26, 1885 was fought in and around Khartoum. The Egyptian forces were led by General Charles George Gordon and a Mahdist Sudanese army led by the Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad. Khartoum was besieged by the Mahdists and defended by a garrison of 7,000 Egyptian and loyal Sudanese troops. After a ten-month siege, the Mahdists finally broke into the city and Gordon with the entire garrison was massacred.” - Chris Smit, 2010/01/28

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