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Capital City Nairobi

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Located in Kenya :: Kenya  :: Nairobi
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Description [ correction ]

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and also the largest city in the country. It is famous for the Nairobi National Park. It lies on the Tana River and elevated 1,795 meters above sea level.

Contact [ correction ]
Address :  Kenya
Cellphone Reception :  Good Main Cellular Network :  Airtel

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Destination Information [ correction ]
Police Station :  Yes   Police Telephone :  +254(0)20 344 194
Hospital : Yes   Hospital Telephone :  +254(0)20 560 988
Doctor : Yes   Doctor Telephone :  +254(0)20 374 5000
Embassy : Yes   Embassy Telephone :  +254(0)20 282 7100
Tourist Information :  Yes   Tourist Information Telephone :  +254(0)20 2711 262
Petrol :  Yes
Facilities :  Gas Refill, Shopping Mall, Shopping Centre, Shops, General Dealer, Bank, ATM, Foreign Exchange, Internet Cafe, Tour Services, Lodging, Camping, Butchery, Bakery, Liquor, Restaurant, Pharmacy, Airport, Car Rental, Tyre Repair, Tyre Sales, Mechanical Repair

Facilities [ correction ]
Other Facilities :  Gymnasium. Sports Club. Auto Dealer. Auto Specialist Service. Civic Centre. Court. Library. Government Services. NGO. School/s. Town Hall. University/College. Water Works/Scheme. Commercial Offices. Factory/s. Industrial sites. Industrial Offices. Medical Centre. Optometrist. Casino. Conference Centre. Sports Stadium. Theatre/Cinema. Bar/s. Auto Spares. Cleaning Services. Courier Service. Insurance/Financial Services. Publishing Services. Camping/Safari Equipment Specialists. Computer/IT Services. Consultants Services. Distributor Services. Health & Beauty Services. Newspaper/Media Services. Fast Food. Refrigeration Services. Travel Agency. Veterinarian/Animal Hospital. Telecommunication. Electrical Services. Training Centre.

Travelling Information

The number for the doctor is for Dr Bhogal Dogra Onkar Singh.

The number given for the embassy is for South Africa High Commission.

Note that it is not possible to obtain visas for Ethiopia in Nairobi anymore (only Kenyan residents). Valid as at July 2014. Bus Terminal/s available. Railway station available. Immigration & Customs Services in town.

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“Tell you what, in the Karen / Langata area where I stayed and go to you can not sleep unprotected, and the number of locals who visited the one clinic near me for treatment is enough for me to not take a chance. Of course at the coast and at the lakes there are more mosquitos but that does not take the risk of malaria away from Nairobi. It is there.” - Andries Marais, 2009/06/05

“” - John Murray, 2009/06/05

“I’ve lived here for 8 years and I am yet to find a mass of mozzies in Nairobi :-) The real question is not whether there is Malaria or mozzies in Nairobi, but why that specific POI is labeled Malaria area, in one specific place on the map… Cheers, Craig” - Craig von Hagen, 2009/06/05

“Just spent three weeks last month in the Nairobi Holiday Inn. I wondered what they were spraying for. They do not have nets, but I travel with my own (permanently packed) and hook it on to picture frames, ceiling fans, and other most ingenious places. I wish hotels would put up hooks for nets. Most other hotels I have been to in Nairobi have nets, and Mombasa. gregg” - Gregg Howard, 2009/06/05

“Hi Andries, I agree with Craig, Nairobi’s climate does not make it very comfortable for mozzies – we stayed there for a year, not nearly as many mozzies as there as in Dar es Salaam. Regards, Riaan Marais Dar es Salaam Tanzania Mob : +255 767 272 818” - Riaan Marais, 2009/06/05

“Equally important: never eat fresh fruit or raw vegetables or salads that you have not washed and prepared yourself. Not even in the best hotel or restaurant. This can and shall incapacitate you far quicker than malaria and spoil a full week of your stay.” - Andries Marais, 2009/06/05

“Not so. There are huge masses of mosquitos in Nairobi and because of the closeness to the Rift Valley and human movement between Nairobi and the Coastal as well as Lake Victoria areas never sleep without a mosquito net anywhere in Nairobi. Some hotels do not have them as they are supposed to spray poison but then check if they do that. Andries” - Andries Marais, 2009/06/05

“Hi, Can anyone shed some light on the waypoint at S1.27620 E36.79650 for Nairobi (version 9.05)? It states "Malaria Area", not quite sure what that means, but as far as I know malaria is rare in Nairobi, because of the altitude. Thanks, Craig” - Craig von Hagen, 2009/06/05

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