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Protected Area Namib-Naukluft National Park

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Located in Namibia :: Namib-Naukluft  :: Sesriem Area
Category: Protected Areas :: Protected Area

Description [ correction ]

THE NAMIB-NAUKLUFT NATIONAL PARK is said to be the fourth largest park in the world, it includes sections of the still restricted Diamond Area. The park offers breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders like Sossusvlei, Tinkas Flats, Kuiseb Canyon, Sesriem Canyon, Moon Landscape and the Koichab Depression. The park is bordered by the Sperrgebiet National Park in the south and the Dorob National Park to the north. Apart from a small area around Lüderitz, the coast from Oranjemund almost up to Walvis Bay is included in the park.

The Namib Desert, with its towering orange-red sand dunes, is one of the world’s oldest deserts. The burnt orange colour of the sand developed over millions of years as iron in the sand oxidised, like rusting metal. The biggest attraction within the park is Sossusvlei which boasts some of the highest dunes in the world.

Wildlife in the park includes gemsbok, Hartmann’s zebra, black rhino, giraffe, springbok, brown hyena, leopard and baboon. The 348 bird species recorded include lappet-faced vulture, Ludwig’s bustard, Rüppell’s korhaan, dune lark, Herero chat and African black oystercatcher.

Evidence of Stone Age life in the Kuiseb River dates back 200 000 years. Archaeological finds indicate that the area was used by semi-nomadic communities when rain provided enough grazing for animals. The Topnaar people still live along the Kuiseb River inside the park.

Contact [ correction ]
Address :  Sesriem, Namib Naukluft, Namibia
Cellphone Reception :  Nothing

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Rates and Payment [ correction ]
Fee/s :  NAD30 per person and NAD10 per vehicle. (Feb-2018)

Destination Information [ correction ]
Facilities :  Lodging, Camping

Travelling Information

Apart from the rest camp at Sesriem, all the campsites within the park are very basic so visitors need to be self-sufficient campers. Most of the national park campsites are located in the northern section.

You need an off-road vehicle to traverse remote areas like Tinkas Flats but you can reach the
Sossusvlei parking area with a sedan vehicle, from there 4WD shuttles will take you to the dunes.

Sesriem Camp and Sossus Dune Lodge has a kiosk, restaurant and bar.

 Travel Tip!

You don't need a permit to traverse the park via the C28 and C14 roads to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, but you're not allowed to venture off these roads. Permits for the park can be obtained in Windhoek, Swakopmund or at the park's office at Sesriem. See the page on Sesriem for more information about visiting Sossusvlei.

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