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Country Angola

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Located in Angola :: Angola
Category: Places :: Country

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Description [ correction ]

Angola covers an area of 1,246,620 km2, and is bordered on the west coast by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north is the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the south, Namibia and to the east Zambia.

The capital city being Luanda. Common illnesses include rabies, cholera, malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. Angola has one of the world's lowest life expectancies, and one of the highest infant mortality rates. Angola's economy has grown from the after effects of a civil war to being of the 2nd fastest growing economies in Africa and one of the fastest worldwide. Petroleum and diamonds are produced on a large scale. It offers great opportunities for investors in various sectors.

The native African language is Mbundu, but Portuguese is spoken as a first language by 60% of the population. Christianity is practised, as well as traditional indigenous religions. Education is compulsory and free in Angola, but during the Angolan Civil War many schools were destroyed, leaving the country with education facility problems and non-attendance at schools.

The climate is very rainy from October to April, and then very from May to September. Angola's natural beauty is attracting tourists worldwide, which varies from beaches, waterfalls, rivers to humid forestlands and woods.

There are many national parks that can be visited.

Contact [ correction ]
Address : Angola

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Activities [ correction ]
Game Viewing, Game Drives, Night Drives, Hiking Trails, Guided Walks, Horse Trails, Fishing, Swimming, Diving, Snorkelling, Surfing, Canoeing, Sailing, Boat Trips, Bird Watching

Travelling Information

Reportedly border officials wanted to see the engine number of each vehicle, stamped onto the engine. A small printed plate in the engine or on the dashboard, was not acceptable, they wanted to physically see the stamp on the engine block and on the chassis. After a police clearance certificate was issued, the traveller was allowed through. (2008).

If you find a garage that has fuel, you will stand in a queue of cars and motorbikes with jerry can containers, and you will be there for a long time.

Cost of Diesel is approx 40 Angolan Kwanza…bottled water is more expensive than fuel in Angola! Petrol is 60 Kwanza, except in provinces like Moxico in the SE where you cannot fill a vehicle at a fuel station (you won't find one open anyway). Fuel has to be purchased out of 20 litre 'drums' at the local market, where you will pay about 2,5 times the normal price.

Note that in some other provinces (such as Lunda Sul in the East), fuel stations are only open from 2pm to 3pm daily, or until they have decided that they have pumped enough fuel for the day. They will also refuse to fill Jerry cans. (Jul-12).

In the south-west part of Angola it is not advisable to go in the rainy season, black cotton soil where you will get stuck (2010).

In Angola you drive on the right-hand side of the road. Angolans do not adhere to road safety, and there are many motorbikes. Roads in Angola have been reported as the worst ever seen.

There are also still many landmines in Angola so only turn off the road where you can see it is safe. Places where they have not removed mines are marked with red skull and crossbones or red stones.

Reportedly police also offer to check up on your wellbeing when camping in or near town. Some visitors to Angola have reported it as one of the friendliest African countries. (Feb-14).

At the borders you will need a police clearance certificate for SA vehicles. To obtain a police clearance certificate you must go to your local traffic department, complete a form, then they give you a RPC form (Request for Police Clearance SAP263) that must be taken to the Vehicle Clearance Department of the SAPS for inspection and completion of the form after they had inspected the vehicle's engine number.

Make copies of the certificate as you need this to renew your vehicle's license. You will need the original vehicle registration certificate and if it is owned by the bank then you need the license disk registration form and also a letter from the bank stating you're the owner of the vehicle.

You will also need an international driver's permit which you can get at the AA. Make sure you know where the engine/chassis numbers are stamped to save time if a trainee helps you.

 Travel Tip!

Make sure your paperwork is in order, be friendly and patient with Angolan officials, and you will have no problems.

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