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Town Small Kazungula (Zambia)

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If Kazungula comes up in conversation, you’re advised to listen carefully. You see, there’s a fairly good chance that the speaker is referring to the small town in Botswana located close to the banks of the Chobe River. But there’s also a possibility they could be referring to the tiny border town of Kazungula which lies a couple of kilometres west, on the opposite side of the Zambezi river in Zambia! Botswana’s Kazungula is a much larger, more developed town than its Zambian twin

Traveller Description

Kazungula is situated at the confluence of the Zambesi and Chobe Rivers and is the only place in the world where four countries share a common border. Standing at the Kazungula ferry looking north across the Zambesi, Zambia lies in front of you, Namibia's Impalila Island is on your left and Zimbabwe's Matetsi Safari Area on your right. The Kazungula ferry crosses the Zambesi River into Zambia; travellers heading for Namibia have to enter via the Ngoma Bridge border post. Visitors to Victoria Falls make use of the Kazungula Road border post.

Address :  Zambia
Cellphone Reception :  Good

Destination Information
Police Hospital Petrol Diesel ATM Lodging

Travelling Information

At the Zambia and Botswana border crossing, the Kazungula Ferry was replaced by the completed Kazungula Bridge in 2021 - the ferry kept operating until 10 May 2021, with the bridge and a new One Stop Border Post, opening on 11 May 2021.

From Kazungula in Botswana you can enter into Zimbabwe through the Kazungula Road Border Post.
There’s no ban on taking fresh meat and fresh produce for personal consumption from Botswana into Zimbabwe (or Zambia) but you may be hassled by entrepreneurial officials. If you want to avoid this bother, there’s an OK food store and brand new Pick ‘n Pay supermarket in Vic Falls (Zimbabwe) and a Shoprite in both Mongu and Livingstone (Zambia) which are all well stocked.

If you are travelling from Zambia or Zimbabwe, into Botswana, remember that no meat, fruit and vegetables may be taken from these two countries into Botswana, to prevent the spread of Foot-and-Mouth Disease, and fruit fly.

On the Zambian side there is no petrol or diesel stations as the price of fuel is double of that in Botswana.
Locals sell gasoline and diesel out of jerry cans on the black market.
Kazungula in Botswana has petrol stations.

The parking area around the border post is over full with parked trucks, going back for several kilometers. However behind the trucks there is a small African market with fresh vegetables, small shops with bread and basic food stuffs.

The Zambian Kazungula is a small border town with little to offer the tourist. There’s a bank with an ATM (this only accepts VISA) and some reasonably clean guesthouses, but you may be disturbed by the celebrations at nearby pubs and nightclubs.
You can buy basic supplies from a traditional market and some small kuka stores. On the Botswana side you’ll find a shopping centre with a Choppies Superstore, bureau de change, a fuel stop and ATM. Nearby there are several good lodges and campsites. Suffice to say, if you’re heading from Botswana into Zambia at this crossing, you’re advised to fuel up and stock up in Kazungula Botswana.

Restaurants in the area just serve "Pap & stew" for the truck drivers.

Take note, if you’re driving between Livingstone and Sesheke, the section from Kazungula onwards to Sesheke, is in a particularly bad condition due to the amount of trucks using it, and the going is slow.

 Travel Tip!

If you are travelling between Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, the fuel is much cheaper in Botswana. To avoid the queue of tourists at the Kazungula Road Border post into Zimbabwe, arrive before 07h30 - most big tour buses leave their lodges from 08h00 onwards.

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