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Namibia and Botswana Self-Drive Guides  


So, what is so special about the Tracks4Africa guide books? The T4A community travel far and wide; not by luxury bus or safari vehicle. Due to their sense of adventure, they love to explore Africa on their own wheels. Sometimes they travel in groups and sometimes as lone rangers, but they always travel by motorbike, sedan or 4WD.  Therefore these guide books are specifically aimed at self-drive travellers.

If you are a self-drive tourist, there are five things that you need to know when you are on the road:

1. Where to sleep.
2. Where to get fuel.
3. What to see and do.
4. Where to buy supplies.
5. Where to go in case of an emergency.

If you have the Tracks4Africa Self-Drive Guide as your travel companion, the answers to all these and many more questions will be at hand. 

If you are a rookie to the business of driving yourself into Africa, this guide will also help you to prepare for your trip. Tracks4Africa has a big community of experienced travellers who love sharing their knowledge. Based on their experience this guide advises you on matters like planning your trip, navigation, preparing your vehicle, buying the right equipment for travelling into remote areas and staying in contact with the rest of the world when you are on the road. 

Before you venture into Africa, you need to be aware of safety and precaution issues.You need to know the road conditions and how to drive difficult road conditions. Travelling anywhere into Africa poses some health risks that you need to be aware of

Getting through border posts could be a pain, especially if you are not well prepared with the right documents.

Can you imagine the frustration of having your well matured steak confiscated at a veterinary fence check point? All the above issues are covered in detail in this guide. 

Even the travellers who need to fly in from afar and rent a vehicle to drive themselves around, are taken into consideration.
 There are many pitfalls to be aware of when you rent a vehicle. These pitfalls are discussed and some rental companies to choose from,are listed. 

Content covered in the Self-Drive Guides: 

  • General information about each country
  • Safety and precaution
  • Trip planning
  • Navigation
  • Preparing your vehicle for overland travel
  • Communication
  • Border post red tape
  • Veterinary fences and Foot-and-mouth disease
  • Health
  • Pitfalls to renting a 4x4 with camping equipment
  • How to add more flavour to your holiday
  • Things you should not go without 


If you are well prepared and well informed, you can really enjoy the unspoilt beauty of Africa! The Tracks4Africa travel community has shared with you the places and attractions that they really love to visit time and time again. 

Namibia travel regions covered: 

  • Boesmanland
  • Central Namibia
  • Damaraland
  • Erongo
  • Etosha
  • Gobabis
  • Kaokoland
  • Kavango
  • Namib-Naukluft
  • North Namibia
  • Ovamboland
  • Skeleton Coast
  • South Namibia
  • Sperrgebiet
  • Zambezi (Caprivi) 

Botswana travel regions: 

  • Central Kalahari
  • Chobe/Kasane
  • Eastern Botswana/Tuli
  • Hunter’s Road
  • Kgalagadi
  • Makgadikgadi
  • Okavango/Moremi
  • Southern Botswana
  • Western Botswana 

Featured under these travel regions are 72 towns or destinations (some are National Parks or Game Reserves) in Namibia and 42 in Botswana. Each town or destination has a general description giving you some background on the town as well as a traveller description. A street and/or district map of the town shows you where exactly each camping and lodging listing which is linked to that town or destination, is situated. 

For each of these towns or destinations a wealth of information was researched to answer the kind of questions that a self-drive traveller would ask. Through easy-to-read icons you will know if you will be able to refuel, have some repairs done, get medical attention, buy supplies, draw money, have your laundry done and if there is cellphone reception

The Namibia Guide lists 899 camping and lodging places to stay and the Botswana Guide 308 places. Each of these listings indicates contact details, rates, facilities and activities offered. Also, the nearest town with direction, distance and travel time from it, is given. 

On top of all this the T4A community has lavished you with valuable tips on each and every aspect covered in the guide. As they are seasoned travellers, these are the kind of tips that can really make a huge difference to the success and enjoyment of your trip. 

The tables of distance do not only feature distances between towns, but also travel times. Reliable travel times are a unique feature for which Tracks4Africa is well known and it is essential information when travelling in Africa.


Namibia Self-Drive Guide

Number of pages: 591

Published by: Tracks4Africa

ISBN 978-0-9921829-6-0

Price: R299 VAT incl.


Botswana Self-Drive Guide

 Number of pages: 348

Published by: Tracks4Africa

ISBN 978-0-9921829-5-3

Price: R299 VAT incl. 


Have a look at the book websites dedicated to the Namibia and the Botswana books for a sneak preview. 

The directory retails at a suggested price of R199 including VAT and is available at leading outdoor stores or from www.tracks4africa.co.za