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»Downloadable Full Set Africa Map

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 +  Notice for Macintosh X Lion 10.07 & Lion 10.7.5 users

We have found that the OS X Lion 10.07 and Lion 10.7.5 operating systems are  incompatible with our maps. In order to install the T4A maps on your system you will need to upgrade to the latest Mac operating system.

Smartphone Apps for Android devices


1. Tracks4Africa Guide App. Copy this link to your browser and see:

2. Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator App. Copy this link to your browser and see:


The Tracks4Africa Guide apps will allow you to have access to good quality maps and detailed information about the places you want to visit without the need of an internet connection.

The apps combine great cartography with rich content in an offline package that can travel with you into the bush. The app makes use of your devices’ GPS location to show where you are on the map. This not only allows you to easily orientate yourself, but also to search for places around you. NOTE that this is not a GPS Navigational app!

Copy this link to your browser to purchase Tracks4Africa Guide App on the Google Play Store:


Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator is the Android version of the Tracks4Africa GPS maps which has been used by travellers for over 10 years to safely navigate them across Africa. This version includes the coverage for the entire Africa. The app provides offline navigation once installed.

What's New in Version 2.0.0

- iGO Nexgen engine - new user interface design from iGO, faster map rendering
- Zoom levels of map changed to show more detail
- More information such as national parks made more visible
- Colour scheme of roads changed to be provide better clarity on map
- Road labels added in to display information about roads ,e.g. 4WD, gravel
- Map coverage extended to include all African countries featured on Tracks4Africa. Please note this is not a wall to wall coverage map of Africa and data shown is verified with GPS recordings from real overland travellers.

You need a GPS receiver in your device, to use the location services. WiFi is not a reliable location service and will yield any navigation app useless in remote areas.

Copy this link to your browser to purchase Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator App on the Google Play Store:

NB: Please ensure that you connect to the internet every 180 days as Google Play wants to verify that the application is valid copy or not. Our T4A Navigational App is still a offline App, for security reasons Google Play requires the app to go on internet every 180 days.