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Kaokoland, Discovering the secrets of Namibia

Price: R299.00

The Kaokoland is situated in the top left-hand corner of Namibia and is a barren mountain desert region that is alluring, yet utterly inhospitable, to all but the local population and extremely well-prepared travellers.

This 190 page full-colour guide to the Kaokoland is the most complete and comprehensive available at present, and contains all the information a prospective visitor needs to make informed choices when planning a tour through the area. It also contains useful information on the local
population, the fauna and flora likely to be encountered in the area, the geology, places of interest, etc.

The author has personally driven, logged and described every road and track found in the area (3800km of them). Approximately 400 colour photographs
have been used to illustrate the above.

The intention is that this will be the first book in a series, covering all the regions of Namibia.