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Frequently asked questions for T4A Guide App

We hope that the following Frequently Asked Questions will assist you with some of the questions you may have. Please contact us if you need any assistance or would like additional Frequently Asked Questions added to this page.

Once the basic Guide App is installed, please try and download the individual maps using a strong internet connection. The maps purchased on in-app purchases are large files. You therefore also need to make sure that you have sufficient storage space on your device.

Please note that our GUIDE APP is only compatible with cellphone, tablet or ipad devices. (ie. not with in-car navigation android type systems).


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 +   1.  Is this a free App?

The App is free to download, with a small demo map of Namibia and Botswana, whereafter you can do an In-App Purchase for the country that you need.

 +   2.  Difference between the T4A Guide App and T4A Navigational App

The T4A Guide App is an information guide, with rich contents and photos on certain Waypoints like lodges, campsites, restaurants etc. all on a digital background map. The user can pan on the map to see his/her location and what typs of Waypoints are nearby. This is NOT a navigational app.

Have a look at a video here of our Guide App.


The T4A Navigational App, is basically the T4A GPS maps transformed into a format compatible on smartphones and devices. So you can navigate, set routes etc. on this app, just as you would on a GPS. There is also rich content and photos on Waypoints where available.

Have a look at a video here of our Navigational App.


Find the T4A Guide App on iTunes:


Find the T4A Guide App on the PlayStore:

 +   3.  Connection Timed Out / Unexpected End of Stream Error: when downloading a map in the guide

If you receive the following sort of error when trying to install a map on the in-app purchase option - please see solution below:

(Note: if you are using a HUAWEI device, then please see right below of this FAQ item for HUAWEI device solution).

Error encountered on Tracks4Africa Guide App.


Error:{"code":3,"source":"","target":"file:///data/user/0/","http_status":200,"body":null,"exception":"unexpected end of stream"}


Please try and download the map again using a strong internet connection. Please note that the size for the maps are big and could take a bit long. Wifi could result in a weak internet connection.


First try this:

Whilst ensuring you have a good internet connection, please EXIT our APP as follows: (ie. its important that you exit it correctly):

  • Under MENU - choose EXIT APPLICATION.

And then try to download the map again.


If this did not work, then try this please:

Before trying to download the map again please follow the below steps to uninstall the map that could be partially downloaded.

Go to:



  More Settings

  More Settings

  More Settings and then select the map to be uninstalled


If you tried both of these options and your are still unsuccesful, please contact us.

Also please note: The downloads are also direct from Apple/Google severs so we cannot say if they are up or down from our side.

HUAWEI device solution

This seems to be a general problem on some Huawei phones - The Download Progress Bar does not move, but the map is probably downloading in the background. The customer is advised to try and do the download again when there is a very good internet connection available. The customer should then just leave the phone and not be too bothered by the fact that that progress bar is not moving. This should sort out the problem.



 +   4.  Is it a requirement to have a sim card with local internet credit installed for the app to work?

No you do not need a Sim installed at all. GPS receiver on your device will show you where you are on the map. The App Geolocates all the time.


Its just that on Apple devices, only the ones with 3G capability has an installed GPS receiver, and you will require that in order for our apps to work on your device.



If the I-Pad does not have have 3G, it does not have a GPS Receiver,  iPads with only WiFi does not have a GPS receiver built in (but can still determine your approximate location when in range of a WiFi network). 

You will still be able to use your Ipad to view the Map, but you will not be able to see where you are on the Map, unless you are within range of a Wi-Fi network.
Also, due to the limitations coming from Apple, any iPad without 3G wont work with GPS positioning, no matter if its paired to another GPS capable device.

 +   5.  Where can I find more information on this Guide App?

 +   6.  Family Sharing on iTunes - is this possible with the T4A Guide APP?

Please note that Family sharing is not allowed by iTunes with In-App purchases. (ie. once you've downloaded our basic APP for free, you can then do in-app purchases for various country maps).

Therefore, the T4A guide app will not work on family sharing because Apple does not allow to share in-app purchases on family sharing. We cannot enable this from our side.

 +   7.  On how many Apple devices can I load my T4A Guide App?

iTunes will allow you to download the App on 5 devices if you have the same iTunes account.

 +   8.  Is this a Navigational App?

NO - this is an Information and GPS Orientation Guide APP. You can pan on the digital country maps on the APP, while  the GPS receiver on your device will show you where you are on the map.

You can then choose to switch on different categories of POIs (*Points of Interest), like Lodging, Camping, Food etc. which will pop up on the map at their relevant locations. So you can see what types of POIs are near to you. On many of the POIs we have information and photos, which you can access on this guide app by tapping on the relevant POI's icon on the map.


The App Geolocates all the time.

 +   10.  Zoom Levels of this Guide App

We only have a certain zoom level on this app and the reason for this is due to the fact that the App can only carry a certain amount of information. If we had to increase the zoom level it would have made the App too heavy to carry all the information. 

At this point, we would double the size of the download file if we include another zoom level.
The app is however fully functional as an electronic guide as was its intention.

 +   11.  Reinstalling a Map on the Guide App due to a corrupted download

It is now possible for a user to uninstall a map that was somehow incorrectly installed, e.g. because of a corrupted download.

(In the past users  needed to uninstall the ENTIRE APP and then reinstall all their maps again if this happened).


Now users can go to:

  • Menu

  • Settings  

  • More Settings

  • More Settings


And then select the map to be uninstalled. If you say "Yes" at the prompt the map will be removed from the guide app.

We would suggest that you then exit the GUIDE APP completely, and start it up again, at which time you can then download the problematic map again.

 +   12.  Can I switch the GEO-LOCATE feature off?

It is now possible to switch off the geolocate feature altogether, for example to conserve battery, by going to the Settings screen and toggling off the Geolocate setting.


The geolocation time interval can also be set (although we wouldn't recommend users to use anything smaller than the default, except on very high end devices).


In general the geolocation feauture will become much sleeker and less battery intensive when the background geolocation module, which is currrently in development, replaces the existing gelocator in the Guide App.

 +   13.  Problems downloading or installing maps

Please browse through our FAQ's on this page for possible scenarios and solutions in this regard.


A couple of users (on certain HTC, Huawei or Sony phones) have had problems downloading or installing our maps. 

Error Logging via our APP, will give us some insight on what exactly is happening on our APP on your phone.

You may see a popup with information about the error, and an option to share that error information with us. This error email will also contain information about exactly what device and what version of android you are using, and it will be emailed to our support staff.


Please ensure that you have a STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION and SUFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE on your device as well when trying to download and install our APP.

 +   14.  Submitting Device and T4A App info to T4A

If you have a technical problem, in order for us to assist you, it will help a great deal if you can send us some device and APP info from your device.

To do this, go to Menu > Setting > More Settings >

More Settings and then click the Send Device Info to T4a hyperlink.


This feature is useful if users have some issue with the app on their device, but no specific error, or if they get an error that doesn't give them the ability to share it with us directly.

Note that the system will simply pre-populate an email to be shared with us, but users have the ability to add any content they want to that email, to explain the problem etc.

 +   15.  Connecting to the Android Store for In-App Purchases

The app will, at start-up, check whether the user has internet connectivity, and if not will not even try to connect to the android store.

If internet connectivity was down when the app was started and is subsequently restored, the user will need to exit the application first and restart it before it will be possible to purchase maps, etc. Users will see a message to this effect when they try to buy a map.


If you get a "Store error" it is because the APP cannot connect to the internet on your device. You should be able to continue to use the APP on an offline basis, until you have adequate internet connection again, in order to try and in-app purchase again.

 +   16.  Refunds for iTunes Store Purchases

All refund request for Apps purchased on iTunes must be done via iTunes.


Click here for how to get a refund from iTunes.

 +   17.  Refunds for Google Play Store Purchases

If it’s less than 48 hours since you bought an app or made an in-app purchase, you can request a refund through Google Play.

See here to request a refund from the Google Play Website.

 +   18.  Reinstalling the APP but cannot get previously purchased maps on again

Look under the top right hand menu on your app:

Go to Manage Maps.

You will a section in orange: Maps and Guides Available: there should be an option to restore your previous map purchases on this APP.

It his does not work, reset your entire phone by switching it off and on again and try the steps above again.


A customer previously reported to us that he had the option to restore the purchase, but after choosing that his entire screen went grey. It turned out to be a technical problem with his phone and not our APP.

 +   19.  BAD ELF and the T4A Guide App

What is Bad Elf?


Bad Elf is an external GPS that can be paired or plugged into a device that does not have built-in GPS, e.g. iPads with WiFi only.

Bad Elf GPS will give the device operating system a GPS feed and the Location Service of the device will be as accurate as the GPS location.


Will our Tracks4Africa apps work with Bad Elf?

Yes.  Our apps make use of the Location Service of the device and therefor will work when Bad Elf is used.  Our apps also do not rely on internet connectivity to work which means that when Bad Elf receives GPS signal and there is no internet connection, our apps will work.


Contact Bad Elf for support.

For any support or questions on using Bad Elf, please contact Bad Elf as we do not have any technical support capability on these devices.  See their website:

 +   21.  Videos of our Guide App

 +   22.  Road Legends on our Guide App

Currently our Guide App does not include any sort of road legend where you can see what kinds of roads there are, whether it is freeway, tar, gravel etc. Our developers will include this in our next release.

There is however a legend to indicate what the icons on the APP represent. (eg. Facility, Activity, Camping icons etc.)

 +   23.  GPS MotionX Compatibility with Tracks4Africa Products

No, MotionX cannot be used with the T4A maps on iPad or iPhone.


MotionX also does not support Garmin compatible maps, in fact it only supports online maps like you would view from a website.  It has the ability to cache web tiles but that does not give you navigation.  MotionX as far as I know only allows you to view a map background and record tracks etc.


For iPad, we have two apps that can be used. 


For Navigation (route calculations and driving instructions):  Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator.  It is a once-off purchase of the entire Africa and allows for offline routing, meaning you do not need an internet connection.


For travel information:  Tracks4Africa Guide App This app combines cartography with guide book information in a single app.  The app itself is free with in-app purchases for countries you like to take along with you.  Once again this app works offline once the guides are installed.  The app does not give you navigation, but will show your location on the map as you drive and you can switch on categories of places to see what is near you.  For example if you are looking for camp site you switch on Camping and see the dots for camps around you.  You can further click on a dot and get detailed information on this place.

 +   24.  Installing the Android Guide App on more than one Android Device

The T4A Guide App is linked to the Google Account that made the purchase.  Normal Google Play App store rules apply and there is nothing specific about our App that differs from standard App store rules.


Google could possibly allow you to download the App onto several devices linked to the same account and they may change this rule if they suspect it is being abused.  But that is something that customers should then should take up with Google.
If your device is stolen and you get a new one and sign in with that same account you should be able to download the T4A Guide App again.

 +   25.  Error: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App - You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID

Scenario: You downloaded and installed the Guide App on your phone. At a later stage when trying to do an in-app map purchase, you get an error on your device saying: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App - You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID.



When installing the guide app initially, a certain i-Tunes account is used. If wanting to do an in-app purchase then or at a later stage, the exact same i-Tunes account used for installing the app initially, must be used for the in-app purchases, otherwise you will get the error: You cannot get In-App Purchases for this App - You can only get In-App Purchases from apps associated with your Apple ID.

 +   26.  How do I know if the Guide App is compatible with my device?

The initial installation of this APP is free, including a demo map of Namibia and Botswana.

Try to download and install that - if you have problems with this, then the chances are good that your device is not compatible.


Known devices that are not compatible:

HTC m7 phone
Huawei ALE-L02 
Samsung S3 + S2

 +   27.  How do I get UPDATES for this APP?

Once you have installed the APP on your device, it should automatically update as new versions are released.


For ANDROID: Please check these settings in your Playstore: (ie. Also please double check the settings by googling these steps on the internet)
Tap Play Store.
Tap the Play Store Menu icon.
Tap Settings.
Tap Auto-update apps.
To enable automatic application updates, tap Auto-update apps at any time or Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

For Apple (iPhone, Ipad): Please check these settings in your Playstore: 
(ie. Also please double check the settings by googling these steps on the internet)
Tap “Settings” on your devices'home screen.
On the left side of the “Settings” screen, tap “iTunes & App Store”.
Under “iTunes & App Stores” on the right, tap the slider button to the right of “Update”.
You can make sure your device only uses Wi-Fi to download the updates. To do this, tap the “Use Cellular Data” slider button.

 +   28.  In-App Purchase on Map Failed / Maps won't download

If you have purchased a map via and in-app purchase, and it did not download then you can simply go to the Manage Maps section in our app and click on the map again. The system will recognise that you already purchased the Namibia guide and it will try to download again.

Alternatively, follow these steps in order to rectify this:

The first step is to verify that the purchase was successful, i.e. did you get confirmation from Apple/Google that you bought these in-app purchases.  

We suggest you restart your device, make sure you are on a good internet connection (file downloads are big).

Then open the app and go to the menu where you buy maps.  At the bottom of this window there is a Restore Purchases button.  Click this to restart the downloads.  They will take a while to download and your internet connection should not be interrupted.

The files are quite big so you need to be on a good internet connection to download these.  The downloads are also direct from Apple/Google severs so we cannot say if they are up or down from our side.

 +   29.  Can I transfer my in-app map purchases from IOS to Android or vice versa?

The apps are unfortunately built for the particular Operating System and since one purchases the guides from the app store there is no way to transfer purchases between Apple and Google stores.

 +   30.  Do I need a SIM card in my device for the APP to work?

No, the sim card is not required.  The devices' GPS must be on and the app must be allowed to use the location service of the device. None of these are dependant on a SIM card being present.

The APP will continue working without Internet signal, but needs location functionality.