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These guides were not written by armchair travellers and they are not about the personal experience of one person, but are the culminated experiences of a whole community of travellers. 

The Tracks4Africa community travels far and wide and loves to explore Africa on their own wheels. Sometimes they travel in groups and sometimes as lone rangers, but they always travel by motorbike, sedan or 4WD. Therefore these guides are specifically aimed at self-drive travellers. 

These guides provide all the information one might need to prepare for an overland trip, information on travel regions, facilities available in towns or destinations as well as camping and lodging places to stay.

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Travel Africa Informed

If you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place.

We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place.

View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website.

In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi.

Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.

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Maji Zuwa, Water & Sun Resort : “The lodge has a stunning setting on Lake Malawi but sadly facilities are not well maintained.” - Karin Theron, 2014/08/27

Camping (Sangilo Sanctuary Lodge) : “The small campsite is basic and doesn't have a view of the lake, but campers can enjoy all the lodge facilities and hang out on the beach. ” - Karin Theron, 2014/08/27

Sangilo Sanctuary Lodge : “Sangilo Sanctuary Lodge offers one of the most special settings on Lake Malawi because it is set on a small, private beach. ” - Karin Theron, 2014/08/26

Blutkuppe/Bloedkoppie campsite (Unmanned/Permit required) : “Blutkuppe is a stunning area. The campsite was beautifully clean with three bins to collect items for recycling. However unfortuately the same counldn't be said for the toilets. There were a number of toilets available but not one was working, so as a result there was a lot of toilet paper "decorating" the environment. The toilets are supposed to operate on a Solar, water recycling system but it obviously hadn't worked for some time. There was one long drop, with a rather broken seat and no screen around it. The toilets at Arch rock on the other hand were excellent. It is a pity that the authorities spend more effort patrolling the park checking permits rather than making sure the facilties are working. ” - Jane Turner, 2014/08/26