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If you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place.

We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place.

View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website.

In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi.

Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.

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Omar Taxi (Zanzibar) : “Mr. Omar Mwadini Haji is a 100% reliable and friendly person who provides tourists with profound information. He deals with: Transport to, City Tour, Spice Tour, Jozani Forest Tour, Dolphin Trip, Snorkeling Trip, Prison Island, Car Hire & Hotel Booking Just in case he is busy he knows guides to show you around Stone Town.” - Sonja Stoegmueller, 2014/09/13

Nonidas Garage Services : “I had the worst experience at Nonidas Garage near Swakopmund. They charged me 30 000N$ to fix an overheated engine (2 x price of a new engine) and he only used very old second hand parts. I had to fix the engine again 2000 km later. He has been ignoring me since then. For pictures, see the following post on the syncosa website:” - Bruno Migliorini, 2014/09/12

Van Zyl's Pass 4WD trail : “Common sense must prevail - walk the track before you go down (or up). Fill holes with rocks and don't always follow previous tracks - they may not necessarily be the best. ” - Marius Verster, 2014/09/09

Kafue National Park : “Kafue National Park offers a true and wonderful wilderness experience. For me the only downside is the tsetse flies. ” - Karin Theron, 2014/09/09