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If you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place.

We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place.

View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website.

In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi.

Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.

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Camping (Betta Rest Camp) : “What a stunning little camp site with a braai area, covered sitting area with table & chairs & a sheletered area in which to pitch a tent It's clean with wonderful HOT water in the showers. The viewing platform above each camp is a great sundowner deck providing a wonderful view of the area. Sunsets are stunning. If there's no wind & you trust your tent won't blow away in the night, you can sleep up on the deck. We didn't make use of the cottages but on a brief inspection they looked very comfortable. It's a very useful stop over. ” - Jane Turner, 2015/07/31

Sophia Guesthouse : “We were a bit apprehensive about staying over in Garies, but this guest house was clean, neat and tidy, and very comfortable. The owner was also very friendly. ” - Janine Reyneke, 2015/07/09

Chobe Princess Safariboats : “Name changed from Ichobezi Safariboat to Chobe Princess Safariboats” - Faith Mandere, 2015/06/23

Highlanders Campsite : “DO NOT GO THERE! I was there on May 2nd 2015 with Acacia Africa. First impression of this place was awesome, BUT appearances were deceiving! I've never been to a place where customers are bleed white so hard! The owner's big young biting dog, who is allowed to run around free, is the least problem at this place. 6 people of group had booked rooms (we normally slept in tents during the trip) for the night at Highlanders. Sparky, the owner had texted the price for the rooms to our tour guide, but when we arrived he wanted to charge double and when the ones who had upgraded related to the price in the message, he told them "You can go somewhere else, if you don't like it". In addition he only gave them 2 of the 3 rooms he had promised. So 2 of them had to sleep on the ground with mattressess, but they didn't get towels and still had to pay the full price. In the evening we all did a wine tasting. I've done several whine tastings before but never got to drink that much whine during one tasting, as one usually spits it out if there are many wines to taste. Afterwards I understood the reason for this. The "food" we were served after the tasting barely deserved the name. The "meat" in the mix of vegatables and gravy was almost pure bones, scraps one would normally throw away or give to a dog at best. But as most of the group were already drunk they didn't really notice or care anymore. The few who weren't drunk realized it and agreed with me. In my opion Sparky is a trickster, trying to get as much money as possible from his customers, while putting in as little effort and service as possible. The view of the landscape that you have from this place is beautiful but definitely not worth enduring such treatment.” - Alexander Herr, 2015/06/20