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If you intend to travel in Africa you have come to the right place.

We offer great GPS maps that will navigate you from Cape Town to Cairo. Our map of Africa reflects where people travel and is packed with detail for the self drive traveller. It covers many aspects like where to stay, eat, shopping, fuel, money matters, emergencies and obviously what to see and do when you visit a place.

View our online map of Africa to see what level of detail we offer on our GPS maps. Our website contains loads of information on the places you see on our maps. If you are looking for camp site or accommodation in Africa, then simply browse our maps or search the website.

In addition to our GPS maps we have recently started to produce paper maps for selected countries in Africa. We currently have a Namibia map, a Botswana map and a map covering Mozambique and Malawi.

Our Garmin compatible GPS maps are great for trip planning when used on your PC. You can set up planned routes and calculate how long it would take to reach a destination. Then browse the maps to see where you can sleep, fill up with fuel or buy stuff.

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Samsitu Riverside Camp : “Stunning big campsite on thick green grass with a lovely view of the river. Nice big braai area with a tap & convenient lighting jut above the braai. The ablutions were clean and well thought out, plenty hot water.The cost of R150.00 pp was worth every cent. Lots of birds in camp and on the pans approaching the camp site. Contact person Andrew Fudge Andrew Fudge <[email protected]>” - Jane Turner, 2017/11/11

Mariental : “This is a newish campsite on the outskirts of Mariental, they've only been open for a year. Reasonably priced and at present everything is very new. The layout was very odd (see photos attached) but it was clean and we made it comfortable. There is public"camping, private camping and air-conditioned chalets(cement brick)The bathrooms were clean with plenty hot water, though I'm not sure how long the fittings will last. The camp kitchen was well equipped.” - Jane Turner, 2017/10/17

River-Guesthouse Campsite : “Omaruru River camp was a lovely place to stay. The sites were big, shady & clean.Lots of big trees provided shade and privacy. The ablution block too was a pleasure to use. Clean with lots of hot water. (would love to know the history of why it was built to withstand a siege. The door had a huge wooden bolt and inside there were shuttered peephole windows. Highly recommend this camp.” - Jane Turner, 2017/10/16

Acacia Park Rest Camp : “Despite being passed by the Namibian tourism just a few days prior to our visit, this was an appalling camp. Taps, toilet seats and tiles in the bathroom were broken. There was a bar just outside the camp so the noise level was high. The only redeeming feature was our little camping area was clean & we eventually managed to get a hot shower. Definitely not recommended” - Jane Turner, 2017/10/16