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Tracks4Africa is passionate about conservation in Africa as well as equipping travellers that are travelling through Africa for a good cause. Throughout the years we have supported many projects by sponsoring them with GPS maps of Africa. These are a few of the projects we've been involved with:


3000km solo cycling journey from Cape Town to Zambia for Trees

Jason Ruger is cycling 3000 km from Cape Town to Zambia to raise awareness of global deforestation and to participate in Greenpop’s ‘Zambia Reforestation Festival’ in Livingstone, where thousands of trees will be planted alongside volunteers and the local community.

He aims to be completely self-sufficient with no support vehicle, carrying everything he needs with him, including his tent which will provide a home for him along the roadside. His experiences with the local people and wildlife will be documented throughout the journey, providing a detailed and, no doubt, humorous account about life on the road on a bike


2 Do Africa

The 2 Do Africa team are travelling from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa to raise money for the Izulu Orphan Projects and Alzheimer’s Research UK. They aim to travel through 17 countries in 6 months. 



4 Africa

4-Africa is a team of four friends embarking on an overland trip from London to Cape Town in November 2012. Their aim is to assist the A21 Campaign with groundwork research about Human Trafficking in Africa.

They will be meeting with churches, monasteries and help-centres to gather information on the problem of human trafficking as well as building relationships and raising awareness with local people.


27.000 Miles Along The Sea 

After a couple of adventurous journeys on 2 wheels: travelling around Mongolia and Bolivia on a motorbike and across Sulawesi on a bicycle, Rinus Hartsuijker started planning an overland motorbike journey following the old Silk Road from Europe to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir and India.

From India he shipped his motorbike back and flew to Australia where he met up with Helga and together they started the overland journey which they called "27.000 Miles Along The Sea" based on the distance they will be travelling. They are accompanied by Ami (friend), a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier.

In 17 months they made it around Australia and now their next adventure begins as they ship their car to South Africa to find their overland way back to the Netherlands following the east coast of Africa and completing the 27.000 Miles Along the Sea.

Follow the journey at:


aCross Africa

Across Africa

The aim of aCross Africa is to create networks between existing relief and agricultural organisations in Africa. The team of four members are driving to the 4 corners of Africa in cooperation with 2 umbrella organisations, Relief.Life and Farming God’s way.

Throughout their trip they will be assisting various afflicted communities as well as help with training of local agricultural mentors. 



Dewald Rosema and the team from Adventures4Christ do regular trips into remote areas in Africa to do missionary work. Their biggest struggle is communication of these trips and even more so the directions and routing to places. With the aid of Tracks4Africa maps they were able to route on existing roads and record tracks of non-existing roads which will be incorporated into the T4A map. Once these tracks are incorporated into the map, the team will be able to easily find their way back to the rural places they’ve visited.


Advenxure Africa

Advenxure Africa

AdvenXure Africa is an African Adventure Tour Company that specializes in taking the routes less travelled to remote and often hard to reach tourist destinations, while stopping along the way at some of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Their trips and activities are well researched and planned, they offer standard tours set out with pre-determined time frames, and also offer specialized custom tours if and when required according to the needs of a particular group. A large part of their tours take place on motorcycles, and they meet up with Safari companies and Larger tour operators to provide transport and accommodation within some of Africa’s most popular National Parks. They show you the Africa that you’ve always dreamed of, untamed, wild and natural.


Alex De Sousa

He is part of a team of young explorers that are looking to set out on journey through the whole Africa continent and track down and share a Coke with All the indigenous tribes of Africa.

We’ve sponsored them with some maps to get their way around Africa on their journey. 


Aussie Overlanders

Aussie Overlanders

Kirsty and Gareth, the Aussie Overlanders, are about to embark on an epic expedition across Australia and throughout Africa, bound for Europe. Their intention is to make the impossible, possible and to take life from 'I'm fine thanks' to 'I'm awesome'. They hope to share a mega load of inspiration along the way. The expedition will be one of the first trans-African expeditions to be published in mainstream Australian media live from the road.


African Nature Conservancy

The African Nature Conservancy aims to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends and leave a sustainable world for generations to come. They have a staff of more than 550 scientists as well as many partners that help achieve this mission.

Tracks4Africa has assisted the African Nature Conservancy by providing their GIS data and GPS maps for the field workers’ use.


Back My Wheels

Back My Wheels in Munich

The Back My Wheels team got a pleasant surprise when they finally arrived in Munich after driving from Cape Town to Munich in five months. Watch this amazing documentary:


Max Cromarty’s mission was to give the 24-year-old BMW back to its maker. The original plan was to recycle the car at BMW’s recycling plant but instead BMW honoured it by giving it a permanent place in their museum! The BMW 318i started the journey with 500 000 km on the clock and drove through Africa, took a ferry to Greece and then proceeded through Serbia, Hungary and Austria to Munich.


Next time you visit Munich, go and say hallo to ‘Percy the Belligerent Beamer’ with its Tracks4Africa sticker at the BMW Classical Museum at BMW Global Headquarters.


Back Road Tours

Back Road Tours

They explore the back road (off roads) of Southern Africa. They offer services such as, give you advice, do research for you, plan your itinerary/travel plan, and do your bookings at no additional cost.   


Be a Blessing

Be a Blessing is an organisation that organises 4x4 off road days for less privileged kids. Their aim is to make a difference in these children’s lives by building trust and relationships between all of the participants, drivers and passengers.

The drivers are all volunteers and they rely on sponsorships to make each event possible. Safety is most important and they make sure that the trails are safe and a lot of fun.


Bending the Curve

Bending the Curve

Bending the Curve is a book about the climate crisis. It is also a guide that was co-authored by 24 expert, that will help you move from deliberation to action.


Beyond the bike


Beyond the Bike is an initiative aimed at raising funds for and equipping four charities in Africa. Stuart Block from the Cranleigh School in Surrey cycled a tandem bicycle together with other participants. The journey started in South Africa in July 2011 and they reached London for the Olympic Games in July 2012.

In his original Beyond the Bike adventure in 2012, Stuart Block cycled his tandem bike from South Africa to London, raising over £100k for educational projects in Africa. Beyond the Bike 2015/16, 'The Next Revolution' sees him ride his tandem through Africa and Asia following the route of key resources used in smartphone production. He will be joined by his girlfriend Claire Le Hur on an African made bamboo bike.


Bhubesi Pride

Bhupesi Pride

Bhubesi Pride are highly qualified teams of coaching staff that wants to drive through Africa on an annual six-month period, supporting rugby and community development in schools and communities in ten African countries. Their aim is to support NGOs, national rugby unions, government departments, British & International schools and appropriate partner organisations.


The Botanical Society - Pretoria

From 8 to 16 October 2010 members from the Pretoria branch of the Botanical Society undertook a trip to the Northern Cape to survey the locality of Mesembryanthemum (meaning "midday flowering") plants. These plants are native to southern Africa. The survey formed part of the Mesemb Mapping Project headed by Priscilla Burgoyne.

37 Localities were sampled in the area of Riemvasmaak next to the Augrabies Falls National Park, the area surrounding Pofadder and the Orange River area before Goodhouse. Gamsberg, for which permission was obtained from the Gamsberg mining authority, was also later added as a special locality.

Tracks4Africa sponsored their GPS maps to help determine the exact localities of the species.





Ivan Zimmerman is cycling through ten countries, the 2015 Tour d'Afrique will once again span the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town. With CAN-A-KILO, people can donate a tin of canned food for every Kilometre of this tour. His target is to collect 12 000 cans over the 4 months from 9 January 2015 – 9 May 2015. If you would like to donate a can of food, you are more than welcome to visit his website ( and view the places where you can drop your cans of food.


We are also following his progress on our website via an online map,


The Cape Outback 2012

Cape Outback

The Cape Outback is an exciting mountain bike stage race which covers 400km from Stilbaai to Stanford. The route covers rugged terrain including protected wilderness areas, mountains and unexplored mountain bike trails.

The mapping and tracking of the Cape Outback route was done in partnership with Tracks4Africa.


Cape Town to Dublin by Scooter 2013

Cape Town to Dublin by Scooter 2013

The ‘Cape Town to Dublin by Scooter’ expedition will start in Cape Town, South Africa in February 2013. The team will be riding LML scooters through 20 countries, covering almost 35 000km. The aim of the trip is to raise awareness of the great work done by children’s hospitals throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe. 




Cape-2-Cape trip will be from North Cape in Norway to Cape Town in South Africa. They will do their adventure in a Land Rover Defender for 7 months; go through 20 countries, on 3 continents.




Please note that they have had to postpone their trip due to the Ebola in West Africa. Their plan is now to ship their car from Durban to Lisbon( March 2015), do Europe first and drive back home through West Africa end of 2015.


Couple, Co & Evelyn, are leaving for a trip from the most southern point of South Africa to the most northern point of Norway, through West Africa. They plan to do this trip for at least a year. They’ve started a blog with all their information on it, as well as their trip information. Here is the blog they’ve started:


They will be using our maps and during /after their trip they will submit data to us. Especially for the West Africa area. 


Conservation International 

Conservation International does conservation work all over the world. One of their many projects is conserving wildlife in remote places in Africa. 


Cruising to Cape Town

Two 18-year old students embarked on an overland trip from London to Cape Town in November 2012. Their mission is to raise funds for the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation which aims to bring the nation together through sports.


Cycle for Change

Sven Fautley, will be cycling from Cape Town to Durban on the 20th of November 2011, to attend the UN Conference on Climate Change. 


Department of Zoology and Entomology - University of Pretoria

The Department of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Pretoria conducted research on the habitat selection of the African savannah elephant. The study took place in various parts of Southern Africa, for which road data was obtained from Tracks4Africa. 


DHL Africa as One

DHL Africa as One

The DHL Africa as One team is involved in a trip from South Africa to the United Kingdom. DHL Global is a main sponsor of this trip. The team has already started their trip from SA and will reach 42 African- and 3 European countries. The team will go to the Rugby World Cup and along the way they will introduce rugby, work with Mercy ships to bring some type of health care to the villages they pass through.  The team will also distribute “Wonderbags” and other useful items to the people they meet on their way.  In each country they will host a corporate function for DHL guests.


Landrover will be supplying the vehicles.There will be a huge PR programme behind this project and will be travelling with a cameraman and director, who will film their entire journey.


The team will travel through these places: Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, DRC, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain, France, UK.


Eco-friendly Africa Travel

Eco-friendly Africa Travel

Eco-friendly Africa Travel embarked on a 6 month journey through South Africa on 1 June 2012. Their mode of transport: two LML/Vespa scooters. Apart from ensuring that their trip was carbon-neutral, they also wanted it to be beneficial to the environment and the communities they visited.

The aim of their trip was to raise money in support of Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA), an NGO that works to realise sustainable development.


Eef Lenaerts

Eef Lenaerts

They love to see the world, enjoying the fascinating cultures, the breath taking nature and the wonderful animal kingdom. This all sounds wonderful, but their feet remain on the ground. Although they limit themselves to a ‘nomad-life’ in the thoughts of the Western world, they will always remain much richer than most people that they will meet in Africa. Both of them want to contribute something to this world and they'll be helping out as volunteers on projects against famine.


The Endangered Wildlife Trust Fundraiser Golf Day – Modderfontein Golf Club

The Endangered Wildlife Trust Fundraiser Golf Day – Modderfontein Golf Club

On the 29th of August 2013, The Endangered Wildlife Trust Fundraiser Golf Day will be held at the Modderfontein Golf Club. The fundraiser is for a good cause. They expect there to be over 1000 golfers that day for the fundraiser. There are also sponsored prizes to be won. Tracks4Africa has sponsored some of their products for the fundraiser golf day.




Stefan Klimek from Germany will be doing a trip through Africa. We will sponsor him some maps to help him on his trip through Africa. His trip will start in South Africa.   


Elephant Ignite Expedition – Women For Wildlife


The ‘Elephant Ignite Expedition – Women For Wildlife’ will see an all-female group of passionate women from all walks of life, travel a distance of 10 000kms through 10 Southern African countries on one incredible journey . Connected by a common goal the crew aim to make a difference to Africa’s elephants, by concentrating on Youth Education and  Community upliftment, public awareness for the plight of Africa’s declining elephant population and Fundraising support for the non-profit organisations working to protect the elephants. Follow the team on and social media. 

Faces North to South

Faces North to South

Faces North to South, is a project by photographer Dale Ruebin to capture faces across the European and Africa continents. He will be shooting on instant film, so as to give the subject a photograph of him- or herself. His aim with the project is to show how beautiful and diverse we are. 


Fox Saddle – Put Foot Rally

Fox Saddle - Put Foot Rally

Team Fox Saddle is also taking part in the Put Foot Rally, that will start their journey on the 18th of June 2013. They are only two people that will travel in aToyota Hilux bakkie in Africa, for over 8 000 km’s in 18 days.

“Shoes are symbolic of pride and give confidence to young learners knowing that they can walk to school in comfort, as opposed to barefoot. 
Shoes are also a vital protection barrier between our children’s tiny soles and Africa’s rough and unforgiving terrain.”


The Gentlemens Adventure Club

They are 3 Scots that is going to drive 15,000 miles from Edinburgh to Cape Town. They will leave Edinburgh in June 2013 and plan to spend around 3 months on the road. Their aim is to help the communities that they encounter and give back anything they can. They will also be working with Tag Rugby Trust. They also want to help with coaching whilst on route and supply them with kits they obtained through their connections with the Scottish Rugby Union and Durham University.


Grant Baker – Billabong Surfer

Grant Baker - Billabong Surfer

Grant Baker is a professional surfer, employed by Billabong to travel the world finding and surfing the biggest and best waves he can find. Tracks4Africa is helping him in finding those waves in Africa.


The Green Pilgrimage to Durban

The 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 17) took place in Durban from the 28th November to the 9th December 2011.

The aim of the Green Pilgrimage to Durban was to create environmental awareness amongst local people. 17 Cyclists took part in the pilgrimage which began at Beitbridge border post. They cycled for 13 days to Durban, going via, amongst others, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Awareness Road Shows were held at the individual daily stops.


Josie Borain in Africa

Josie Borain is considered the first South African Supermodel. She is travelling through Southern Africa to photograph the people and places she sees on her way. Tracks4Africa has sponsored Josie with GPS maps for Africa, to guide her through her trip. 


Kapstadt Travel

Kapstadt Travel

Kapstadt Travel offers a collection of the most private and most luxurious villa and apartment rentals in Cape Town and South Africa. Their team of travel consultants’ goal is to make your holiday in Cape Town the most memorable ever and uphold their standards and expectations as you are expecting it to be.


Kubel Crew - Put Foot Rally

Kubel Crew - Put Foot Rally

The Kubel Crew will take part in the Put Foot Rally from the 18th of June. Taking on 8000km in 18 days across South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. They will be one of the 60 teams that will take part in the event. They will be travelling in a vintage vehicle, in a 1970 Type 181 Volkswagen. 


Land Rover Owners Club

Land Rover Owners Club

Land Rover Owners Club had an AAWDC Interclub Family Fun Day on 17 August 2013. The club will be donating R100 000.00 to the Endangered Wildlife Trust for their project on collaring and tracking of wild dogs in the Kruger National Park. They will officially hand over the funds on 16 October to the trust. 




Nick and Vicki, from the UK, gave up a lot to do their 4x4 overland trip from Stonehenge, UK to Cape Town, South Africa in a Land Rover 110 Defender, which they want to complete from May 2010 to May 2011. 


London2Cape - Shara Dillon

Shara Dillon will be driving in her 4x4 from London to Cape Town, overland through East Africa.  She will be taking on her journey from May to December 2013. If anyone wants to join her, you are more than welcome. 


The Longer Road, Bike Tar and Gravel Adventures in Southern Africa – by Greg Beadle

In the book, The Longer Road, Bike Tar and Gravel Adventures in Southern Africa, published by Map Studio, Greg Beadle explores 8-10 day bike trips in Southern Africa. He covers everything from routes covered, activities and attractions as well as gear, proposed bikes etc. Tracks4Africa GPS maps were used as a navigational tool on his trip. 


Made in Afreeka - Put Foot Rally 2013

Made in Afreeka

Made in aFREEka is on a mission to join the Put Foot Rally 2013. One little car, 18 Days, 8000kms and unpredictable amounts of fun and adventure. They aren't afraid of taking Africa by storm! They are ready to enjoy every adventure Africa will throw at them. 


Max Adventure

Max Adventure

On 28th October 2010, the Max Adventure team of Mac Mackenney, Chris Rawlings & Steve Mackenney arrived in Cape Town after traveling by road from London to Cape Town in a record time of 11 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes. On their expedition, the team covered 10,000 miles through 20 countries.

Their African leg of the expedition started in Suakin, Sudan, after crossing the Red Sea by ferry from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From Sudan they traveled through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and, finally, South Africa.

Thanks to Tracks4Africa, the teams’ entire route through Africa was guided with pinpoint accuracy.


Medecins Sans Frontieres and Gondar Ethiopian Eye Sight (GEES)

GEES is a small charity focusing on eye services in Northern Ethiopia. Their aim is to improve eye care for rural Ethiopia and provide places for students from other parts of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. The Charity was founded in 2003 by Dr Sandy Holt-Wilson who had worked for 5 months in Gondar.


Mini in MotionPut Foot Rally 2013

Mini in Motion - Put Foot Rally

The Mini in Motion team will be partaking in the 2013 Put Foot Rally, crossing 8000km through Southern Africa in 18 days in a vintage Mini. The mission of the Put Foot Rally is to distribute school shoes to children in Africa.  


The Montebello PROD Programme

The Montebello Design Centre’s PROD PROGRAMME was recently funded by Conservation International to do a 6 month training project in the Kgalagadi district of Botswana. The aim of the project was to establish clusters of crafters that were trained in business skills and product development in order to eventually ensure that the crafters can independently sustain themselves. Tracks4Africa sponsored them with GPS maps for the area. 


More Back Road 4x4 Trips

In the Map Studio book, More Back Road 4x4 Trips, Mariëlle Renssen and two travel companions explore 4x4 routes in Southern-Central Mozambique, West-central Lesotho and the greater South Africa. Her focus is especially on the travellers experience throughout the trip, what they loved, what to avoid, etc. This is the sequel to their first book, Our Top 4x4 Trips.

Tracks4Africa sponsored the team with GPS and paper maps for the relevant countries to assist with the GPS points and routes in the book.  


Morgan Safari

Morgan Safari is a British couple, Sophie & Richard, in their 30’s looking to do a last adventure while they have no ties. They’ve been living in Australia for the last 4 years. After their wedding last year they’ve decided to go back home to Britain, but before they head back they want to travel back on their adventure they dream to do. They’ve decided to head back home driving back from Australia via Africa in their 1996 NJ Pajero to Britain.

They also have a number of friends battling with cancer and it made them realise life is too short and they have to achieve their adventure of travelling home. On their way back they will also support the foundation named Against Malaria Foundation (AMF).  

Sophie & Richard visited our office and we’ve sponsored them with some maps and gave them some tips for their adventure ahead.  


Moto Girl Trip

Moto Girl Trip

Catherine Vrábelová will be travelling solo for more than 70 000km by bike around the world. She will pass through 39 countries on her trip. Tracks4Africa has sponsored her with GPS maps for her Africa leg of the trip. 


The Mountain Club of South Africa search and rescue (South Cape)

Mountain Club of South Africa

The Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) search and rescue comprises of 6 permanent teams in various parts on South Africa. They are run on a volunteer basis and mainly conduct rescue operations in non-urban environments (typically remote, wilderness and or mountainous areas). 


Moyomti - The Magic Cool Bus 

We, Beth & Jurgen, will be traveling from Cape Town, South Africa across the African continent in our self-renovated VW camper-van on a humanitarian journey, teaching the importance of self-sustainability and the preservation of the environment, by taking free educational workshops and sustainable technologies to where such information is not readily available.

Watch our video and read more about our project;


The Nature Conservancy’s Africa Program

The Nature Conservancy works with local communities to conserve important places in Africa and help with community development. Tracks4Africa has made their mapping data available to this program to support the teams in the field.


Off Road Rescue Unit

Off Road Rescue Unit

The Off-Road Rescue Unit is a highly-trained crew of unpaid volunteer 4x4 owners, who are members of recognised four wheel drive clubs in Southern Africa. They work closely with emergency-, disaster management, police, air force, etc. 


Photographic Excursions in Southern Africa


Martin Heigan is a 3D Visual Effects Artist in the Film and Television Industry but he also has a big passion for photography. His passion for photography started when he was a student and had Photography as a subject.


He expresses his photography passion out in the wildlife and nature. Martin has also released books and he is busy with another book at the moment. We’ve sponsored him with some maps to explore the nature and wildlife to take some more beautiful photos.  


PROD Programme - Felix Holm

The PROD Programme is an outreach project, whose aim is to promote Craft and Design in Africa. The programme assists Crafters and Craft Project with developing existing and new products, and product ranges.


Quarter Life Crisis - Put Foot Rally

Quarter Life Crisis - Put Foot Rally

Quarter Life Crisis is also a team that will take part in the Put Foot Rally that will start their journey on the 18th of June 2013. They are 8 men that will travel in Africa, over 8 000 km’s in 18 days. Their goal, apart from raising money and awareness for certain charities, is to redefine this term as:

“Quarter Life Crisis” -(noun) – A group of mates in their late twenties who, after many cold beers, decided to break the routine of their hardworking lives, and embark on an African road trip of epic proportions. The team was quickly directed, thanks to a fellow patron at the bar, to “The greatest social rally on the Face of Earth”. A rally that even Sir David Attenborough could only dream of participating in. The group entered The Put Foot Rally.


Rhino Awareness Expedition

Rhino Awareness Expedition

Klaus Schrumpf and Pamela Bell started their travels in Dec 1993 to raise awareness of Rhino killing throughout the world. They visit schools and through slide presentations make kids aware of “Killing of the Rhino in Africa”. 


Riding the Edge

On the 1st of November 2011, Shayne Robinson will take his bicycle and cycling from Johannesburg around the borders and coastlines of South Africa, taking on 7000 kilometres.


The Road Less Travelled - Put Foot Rally

The Road Less Travelled - Put Foot Rally

The Road Less Travelled want to go to places, the shops, the markets, the bars and the clubs that aren't flocked with tourists. The things that aren't listed on your travel guide. They want the places where the only marketing strategy is word-of-mouth. We have supplied them with Tracks4Africa GPS maps for their trip. 


SA Adventure

SA Adventure

SA Adventure specialises in 4x4 Off-Road Training, Guided Self Drive 4x4 and 4x2 Tours throughout Southern Africa. Their instructors are highly qualified & credentialed instructors and have many years’ experience in driving 4x4 vehicles, both recreationally & commercially in challenging situations and remote areas.


Save the Rhino Trust

Save the Rhino Trust is an organisation in Kunene, Namibia that is currently assisting the Ministry with a regional rhino-based tourism plan. They have found that rhino mostly avoid tracks that are travelled often. As part of their project they will be chatting to local lodge owners to hear how frequently tracks are travelled. Tracks4Africa is assisting in this project by supplying the team with GPS maps for Namibia.


Smart in Africa

Smart in Africa is an initiative by filmmaker, Brett Wild, and writer and photographer, Anton Crone. Their mission: “To encourage people to change the things they don’t like through the small things they do.”

They drove a Smart car through Africa to document the stories of people who do incredibly smart things with very little.


Sole Sistas - Put Foot Rally

Sole Sistas

Sole Sistas, a team of 4 ladies, will undertake a rally of 8 000 kilometres across Southern Africa, through 5 countries, in 18 days. They start on the 18th of June 2013 and finish on the 5th of July 2013. Their aim is to promote kidness, goodwill, cultural awareness, and giving back to future generations. The rally consists of 58 individual teams.


Take on Africa

Take on Africa

Helen Lloyd is an engineer from England. She has always had a passion for travelling, sports and adventure. After an injury, she decided to cycle from England to Cape Town on her bike, photographing her experience. 


Team SKA Africa – Put Foot Rally 2013

The Put Foot rally takes place annually and is a non-racing social rally through the southern part of Africa. Team SKA Africa will be taking part in the 2013 Put Foot Rally. Their aim is to expand their outreach program and put more emphasis on education. The team will be driving an 80’s van in the ‘vintage’ category.  


Ten2one Challenge

Tim Vuyk has started this campaign. He will be cycling for Rhino poaching in South Africa. He will be cycling 10km for every Rhino that was poached in South Africa during 2013. A total of 1004 Rhinos was poached during 2013, so he will be cycling a total of 10 040km. His plan is to start the trip around the 1st July and wishes to complete it within 8 months’ time. Tim is looking at an average of 50km per day. The route and start point is not finalized yet but will include South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and possiblyBotswana.


The Real Way Down

The Real Way Down is visiting ‘22 charities in 22 countries in 22 weeks’. Their aim is to support each of their partner charities through the production of promotional videos, as well as trying to help access financial support (short-term and long-term support). The team will be leaving for their journey on the 25th of March 2011.


The Throwing Shakas

The Throwing Shaka's are one of the teams that will participate in the Put Foot Rally of 2013. They will be taking off in June 2013 for 3weeks, doing their journey in five southern African countries.

They will be starting in Cape Town andd going through Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. They will cover these countries in 18 days. A team of 30 crews will travel in a clockwise direction and make their way to a checkpoint in each of the countries over the 18 days. The goal of The Put Foot Rally is to raise funds for a minimum of 600 pairs of shoes and give a brand new pair of school shoes to a underprivileged child. 


Thumbs Up Foundation

Thumbs Up Africa

In October 2012, 3 members of the Thumbs Up Foundation in the Netherlands embarked on a trip from the Netherlands to Cape Town, S.A. The catch is that they do not have any transport, but will be hitchhiking all the way.

Through their journey, they aim to raise awareness for the necessity of sustainable development, especially amongst the youth. They will also be doing hands-on voluntary work in development and humanitarian aid projects.


Tip to Toe

Tip to Toe

On the 12th of April 2013 four friends are setting off on their adventure.  They will start at Africa’s most northerly point, down to the southernmost point. Their aim is to visit a number of different charity projects, specifically focusing on people struggling to feed themselves and the future of African agriculture.


The University of Stirling research project - The distribution and conservation of cave-dwelling bats in southern and central Africa

The University of Stirling - conservation projects

Rachael Cooper-Bohannon, a PhD research student at the University of Stirling conducted research on the distribution and conservation of cave-dwelling bats in southern and central Africa. Tracks4Africa has sponsored Ms. Cooper-Bohannon with GPS maps for Africa to aid her with the fieldwork research to be done. 


Trans Africa Trip


Berry van Welzen and Marielle van Welzen, is a married couple from the Netherlands. They are planning to drive with their Toyotal Land cruiser from their hometown Arnhem in the Netherlands to Cape Town in South Africa.  They first want to travel through Eastern Africa, entering the country in Egypt. From Egypt they will follow the Nile through Sudan to Ethiopia. From Ethiopa they travel to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. From there their plans aren’t that clear yet. Malawi, Zambia, Namibia…


Umenzi Projects

Umenzi Projects

Umenzi Adventures’ aim is to become the team to spend valuable time in the wilderness with you. They offer to go special trips with you, do training with you and to suit the occupants and its vehicles in a safe and friendly manner. They are passionate about the outdoors and are experienced off roaders. They’ve been active in this field for many years.


Venter Tours

Venter Tours is a specialist tour operator based in Germany. They provide tailor made itineraries for their clients; whether it be self-drive, small group or fly-in safaris. They specialise in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana , Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as Eastern Africa such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Vertical life

One of Vertical Life’s primary focuses is on the provision of clean, safe drinking water in Africa. In 2010 Vertical Life embarked on their first leg of the Africa project, visiting 6 countries. Their aim with these projects is to share first-hand the problems and solutions pertaining to water and sanitation as well as assisting existing projects and NGO’s. 


Vet Books for Africa

Vet Books for Africa

Vet Books for Africa is a student-run initiative that was established in 1993. These students of the University of Pretoria aims to distribute veterinary text books, journals and other educational tools to veterinary faculties in different countries in Southern and central Africa. The team consists of 8 veterinary students, from the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science The trip will be 6 weeks long during November and December 2014 to the these countries: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Malawi.


Wachizungu - Put Foot Rally


Wachizungu is one of the participating crews in the Put Foot Rally 2013 and the crews will depart from Cape Town on 18th of June 2013 and finish on the 5th of July 2013.

The word "wachizungu" has a particular historical meaning in Africa, dating back to the 18th century. It literally means "things of the aimless wanderers." It is derived from the word "mzungu" which is the southern, central and eastern African term for a person of foreign descent. Literally translated it means "someone who roams around aimlessly" or "aimless wanderer”. As white Africans, we considered this name perfect for our Crew! 


Walking 4 Water

Walking 4 Water is a project through which 3 team members will walk over 7000 miles from Cape Town to Cairo within 2 years to raise funds and awareness for clean water projects. The funds will go to charity:water, a charity that has raised over $17,000,000 to provide clean, safe drinking water for everyone on the planet. 


Write Relief

Write Releif W

THE ADVENTURER Justin Brogan, formerly from Torquay, Devon in South West England.

Left when he was 6 years old for a life with his parents in South Africa, where he has since travelled extensively and experienced various cultures, customs and Religions.

The Write Relief Organisation has come about by undertaking past Expeditions throughout Southern, East and West Africa since 2005. During his past social trips, he became aware of the necessity for Educational materials in Rural Africa and has covered Southern Africa 13 times, East Africa twice and West Africa bordering Angola, often solo.


The Zapp Family

The Zapp family is a family of 6 from Argentina. The parents, Herman and Candelaria Zapp has 4 beautiful children. Each of them was born in a different country. The eldest is Pampa (born in USA), Tehue (born in Argentina), Paloma (born in Canada) and Wallaby (born in Australia). Herman and Candelaria had a dream of travelling around the world in their 1928 Graham-Paige vintage car he received from his grandpa. Their journey started in 2000 in Argentina and they’ve been travelling for 13 years around the world and have visited more than 40 countries.

 They began in 2000 from Patagonia, Argentina to Alaska. They returned to Argentina in 2004 and settled down for a couple of weeks before they start traveling again. They have been traveling ever since. Their next trip was around South America between 2005 and 2007, then Central America, the U.S. and Canada until 2009. After their American trip they shipped the car to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea as they travelled those countries. The longest trip was when they spent 13 months around the U.S.A in 2008-2009. 


Born to Ride


BORN TO RIDE is a TV Show broadcasted on Media set (the main Italian private television), on Italia2 channel, since 2012.The show is led by Roberto Parodi: journalist, writer and Overlander with big experience.In all the shows (we are at the fifth series), are shown motorcycle travels done by Roberto and his friends all over the world, always without any support and in an independent way: two or three motorcycles, not more. Among the trips done: Tracks4Africa from Tunisia to Cape town (east side) in 2012, Dakar-Timbuktu-Lomé in 2011, Milan-Dakar in 2013, Pan Americana (Chile and Argentina) in South America in 2014, Ladakh and Tibet in 2014.The motorcycle is considered a way of discovery and imagination, with respect to local populations and human rights. In Born to Ride there are many sections that makes the show as a real magazine for motorcycle passion.

Here the link to past series

The Lone Strangers

The Lone Strangers are four friends that are participating in the Putfoot 2015 Rally. They will be traveling through 5 African countries in an 1985 VW Passat Station Wagon.

Their aim to prove that you no longer need a big fancy 4x4 and a big budget to explore Africa while raising money for the Putfoot Foundation which provides poor African school children with shoes.

We'll we tweeting, posting and blogging while on our adventure. You can follow us at:

Twitter: @LonestrangersZA




One Sky Project

Our group of five will spend four months traversing Southern African attempting to capture the stories, culture, beauty, and sometimes sorrow of local communities. Although our gear will be minimal, we will utilize our collective skills and top of the line camera equipment to highlight the collective work of communities and organizations through media. Ultimately, we aim to live, capture, and share our experiences with the world.

Watch this video: