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The Tracks4Africa Community

The T4A Data Community is the very foundation of Tracks4Africa. It is the source of GPS data, information and professional advice, guidance and inspiration. Embedded in the T4A Community is an eco-consciousness and a value system that practically rules everything.

Membership to T4A is open, free and voluntary. Recording GPS field data is a by-product of outdoor/leisure or business travel. Data must be collected and prepared according to T4A quality standards.

T4A data members actively collect and submit field data and information, and in return receive a monthly updated GPS map called "T4A Maps QA". This map is just a 2D map (only roads and points) and it is about a 10Mb download. It is NOT a free map and it is NOT a navigational toolkit. It serves only as a quality correction tool and it is distributed ONLY to active Data Members.

If you would like to join the T4A Community, start by reviewing the T4A quality standards and join the T4A Forum below.

Submit Data

Anyone can submit data, you do not have to be a member of the community

Join the Community

Please fill in this form if you want to join our community forum.

Data Processed

Community data members can review the monthly data processed report and see what progress has been made with their data submissions.

Travel Itinerary

If you are going to be travelling in the future, why not register your trip with us.