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Mountain Mount Nyangani (2,593m)

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Located in Zimbabwe :: Manicaland  :: Juliasdale
Category: Land Mark :: Mountain

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Mount Nyangani was formerly called Mount Inyangani. This is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe situated within Nyanga National park in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe. This mountain massif stretches up to 2592m (8,504 ft) in height, its peak is a 3-hour climb trekking from any of the 4 base-entry points for anyone of above-average fitness. One of the things you will find true about it is the promise of a challenging 'climb to remember' for mountain hikers and bikers. Mt. Nyangani’s vegetation is composed of heath covering its summit plateau, a dense grassland on the western side, and an evergreen forest along with the damper eastern slopes. Mt Nyangani is no doubt infamous for common and unexplained human disappearances, this is also clearly stated in a book by Cliff Mcillwaine, the grandson of Sir Robert Mcillwaine who was a highly respected High Court Judge in the then Rhodesia titled 'The Legend of Mt Nyangani' which is based on the mysterious disappearances on the mountain.

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Address :  Nyanga National Parks, Juliasdale, Zimbabwe.

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