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 +  T4A Online Shop Special for T4A GPS Maps: Starts 15th April 2018 - until v18.05 gets released on the 15th May 2018.

When purchasing our current version 17.10 T4A GPS maps online (Complete set of Links or SD Card), at the current Shop Prices (ie. SD Card is R988.60), you will automatically receive version 18.05 in Mid May 2018 as your free link upgrade as well as version 18.10 in October 2018. This offer is only valid for online purchases from the 15th April 2018 until our new version 18.05 is released in Mid May 2018. Contact our Sales team at [email protected] if you need more information.  

Please note that this special offer does NOT apply to our Individual Country GPS Maps Download Links, APPS, iGO SD Cards and discount purchases.

Starts 15 April 2018 - until v18.05 gets released.


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We will be migrating to our new online shop Wednesday, 2nd May, resulting in our online shop being offline for a few hours in the morning.

Please be patient, we hope to get our new online shop up and running as soon as possible on Wednesday, 2nd May.

This may result in a slight delay in the processing of new orders placed over the long weekend of 27 April, and replying to some customer enquiries.

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Support library

We hope that the information contained in the following documents will assist.

Also, view our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions you may have.

Please contact us if you need any assistance or would like additional resources added to this page.

The Navigation Story This document explains the background of and integral approach by Tracks4Africa and the T4A Community.
Route Planning (4.34MB) Mapsource is used to plan routes on your PC on T4A Maps. This document has particular relevance to the implementation of auto-routing on T4A maps. Auto-routing has been implemented on most of the T4A maps.
Standards for Field Data Collection This document offers several years of best practices from the T4A Community. It will explain in detail how to record tracks and waypoints during your trips.
GPS Settings Settings vary on different Garmin GPS units. This document explains the different settings and focuses on the preferred settings for Garmin Zumo and Nuvi models.
Tracks4Africa on Google Earth How to view Tracks4Africa on Google Earth.
Georeferencing Photographs (2.9MB) A guide on how you can easily georeference your photographs and then display them on your own maps or on Google Earth. A very useful feature that can add a lot of fun to your trips.
T4A Mailing List Information Information on the T4A Mailing List (Forum). General posting rules, how the mailing list works and how to join and unsubscribe are discussed in detail. Other information relating to Google Accounts and Digest Mode are also explained.
Garmin support and information Access information, FAQs, software updates, manuals, etc on all Garmin products.

T4A Africa Guide
The T4A GPS Guides for Garmin GPS units comes in the format of a GPI file. This is also called a Garmin TourGuide file and is compatible with Nuvi, Zumo and newer generation recreational GPS units.
T4A Africa Coverage T4A coverage over Africa.

About T4A Maps
About Tracks4africa and the T4A Maps.


How to install T4A GPS Maps v16.10 - Windows users & MAC users

Steps on how to install complete set of T4A GPS Maps v16.05 from the SD Card for Microsoft Windows and MAC users.

What is new in Tracks4Africa GPS Maps - Travellers Africa 16.10
This document has some useful information about our latest version 16.10 maps.
Loyal Customer Pricing An explanation on who qualifies for our 50% discount on our online shop

iPads and GPS A detailed explanation on which iPad will work with our T4A Overland Navigator Maps