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Border Control Kazungula Bridge Border Post (BOTS/ZAM) 06h00-22h00

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Located in Botswana :: Four Nations  :: Kasane
Category: Civil Infrastructure :: Border Control

Kazungula ferry is no longer operational, it has been replaced by the Kazungula Bridge in October 2020.

Kazungula ferry is situated between Botswana and Zambia. It is a pontoon ferry that will take you across the Zambezi river and it operates between the border at Kazungula and Kasane.

A valid passport book and vehicle papers must always accompany your car, and goods acquired outside the country must be declared. Botswana side very simple, no fixers around.

Get temperature taken for corona virus and they check where you have been in the past 21 days. Enter the building to get passport stamped. Pay all the required fees with all fees payable in cash only.

Stand in foot and mouth disinfectant and you are done. A new bridge is under construction on the river, so maybe next time they will not be need for the ferry anymore. For any clarifications on this matter please contact the Customs office.

The crossing, about 500m long, is a fairly short trip, taking less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Cross Bridge then head left towards a Foot & Mouth environmental gate, listed as Water Gate on map. Drive through the water then stop.

Step 2: Get out and wash your feet on the mat, then request a Gate Pass slip (hold onto this you’ll need it to exit the border).

Step 3: Drive round to the right, take the first right turn, and park next to the Port Health Building. Let them know how healthy you are, and collect a sticker (it’s round on a square piece of paper about 1 inch squared).

Step 4: Drive back out of car park, turn right, and head to main building on the left, and park up there.

Step 5: Head into main building and proceed through windows left to right around the outside. First is Botswana for your immigration stamp out.

Step 6: Botswana Customs, you need your BURS document you got on entry, then provide vehicle ownership document, signed & stamped affidavit from owner to say you can drive it into Zambia, plus their signed & stamped affidavit ID. You’ll be asked to complete a temporary export form, let them know your route of the rally (you’ll be asked this a few times).

Step 7: Walk across to the Zambian side of the building, you can ask for specific “window numbers” if you get lost.

Step 8: Zambian immigration, ask for 14 to 30 days, you won’t be charged for the tourist visa. This is where you deposit your Port Health sticker.

Step 9: Zambian Customs & Interpol, provide all documents to them and answer questions. They will then take you outside to inspect your vehicle and check chassis or engine number. Talk about the Africa Rally and the story behind your vehicle, depending on the staff they’ll recognise the sticker and will make everything from here on easier.

Step 10: Car insurance is the window next to Interpol, get 30 days, it should cost around $9 USD.

Step 11: Zambia Customs, after receiving clearance from Interpol, will now ask you to complete a form on the computers confirming any high value items you are bringing into Zambia temporarily prior to them creating your temporary import permit for them and the vehicle. Excluding the vehicle, so long as the items are under $5,000 USD value then you won’t be asked to complete any additional forms.

Step 12: While Zambian Customs are preparing your TIP, you’ll be asked to head to the Cashier (last window in the corner of the building) to pay for the bridge toll $15 USD (must be in USD), $20 Carbon Tax, and KWH230 road tax (must be paid in Kwacha). They accept card payments for all of these, but if you want to speed up the process then cash is always useful as you don’t have to wait for the internet or risk your card not working on the first try.

Step 13: Go back to Zambian Customs, your documents will all be ready and he’ll tell you you are ready to go!

Step 14: Go back to the Zambian Car Insurance desk if he didn’t give you a window sticker, as insurance must be displayed on the passenger side window of the vehicle at all times in country. He’ll give you a sticker and now you can leave the main building and stick it on.

Step 15: Drive to exit gate, give them the original slip from the water gate entrance and congratulations you are into Zambia! (Source: The Africa Rally)

Address :  13km or 16min E of Kasane, Chobe/Kasane, Botswana
Postal :  P.O. Box 41, Kasane, Botswana
Tel :  +267 625 0420
Host Website :  Click Here

Opening Times : 

06h00-22h00 (GMT+2) Time Guideline/ 7 days a week

Rates and Payment
Updated for :  2023
Payment Methods Accepted :  Cash, Credit Card
Fee/s :  Ferry: BWP200 (USD30), Toll fee: USD20 (paid in USD only); Motor Vehicle Insurance 50BWP ( (amount also depend on vehicle type); National Road Safety 50BWP (Valid for a year); Road Transport Permit 65BWP. (Updated Jan-2023).

General Information
Languages spoken :  English

Travelling Information
Closest Main Route :  A33
Closest Town :  Kasane

The Botswana side is easy. You drive past all the trucks and park in front of the building, entered from the western side as you approach. Your passport is stamped at Immigration and a person will provide you with a TEP (Temporary Export Permit) at the Customs counter on your left. This form requires you to fill in all your vehicle details: engine- and chassis numbers, address of registered owner, accessories etc. You also need to state where you intend re-importing your vehicle.

Currently, getting to the Border Post requires driving a (well-marked) detour. This is because of the roadworks on the soon-to-be opened bridge across the Zambezi. Consensus was that this will only be in 2021, so a few fortunate visitors will still be able to take the ferry!

Once done on the Botswana side, you drive past the person collecting the small slip issued to you at Customs, stating the vehicle’s registration number and number of persons in the vehicle. The drive down to the embankment is short and you get your first views of the lovely bridge, being built by a Korean company. Construction started in 2016.

Advice on travelling with minors, you will need a valid passport, valid visa if required, an Unabridged Birth Certificate with both parents’ names on and an affidavit from the other parent or both should the minor be travelling with one parent or with other family. The affidavit should not be older than 3 months.

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