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Description [ correction ]

Mozambique is known for its beautiful palm fringed beaches and coral reefs with colourful fish which makes it one of the best diving destinations in the world. It is a holiday destination that offers something for everyone, from rustic adventure to five star luxury treatments. During the civil war from 1964 to 1974 tourism took a dip but after independence in 1975 tourism flourished again. However, in more recent years Mozambique has lost a bit of its flavour as tourists have felt unsafe and exposed to bribery and corruption.

Mozambique still has a lot to offer and it is a great destination for self-drive travellers who understand that bribery is about opportunism and can sometimes be avoided by acting confidently and politely.

Climate: Mozambique lies mostly in the tropics and has a mild but humid climate. Summer (October to April) is hot, rainy and humid in Mozambique. Most of the rain occurs from January to March. Winter (April - September) is dry and mild. April and May is the best time to go when the wind is quiet and it is not too hot. Language 17 Languages are spoken in Mozambique but Portuguese is the official language. English is mostly confined to the southern tourist areas.

Time: Mozambique is two hours ahead of GMT, the same as South Africa, and there are no daylight saving time changes.
Money: The official currency in Mozambique is the Metical (pronounced Meticaysh). There are 100 cents to one Metical. US Dollars, British Pounds and South African Rand are widely accepted.
Cash is the easiest and best way to pay in Mozambique as credit cards are not widely accepted and commission on Travellers Cheques are high.
The biggest commercial banks are BIM (Banco Internacional de Mozambique), BCI (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos), Banco Austral and Standard Bank. Credit cards are not widely accepted outside Maputo and ATMs are limited outside of the capital.

Highlights: Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, Maputo Elephant Reserve, Inhambane, Vilanculos, Niassa National Reserve, Major islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago: Bazaruto, Santa Carolina, Benguerra, Magaruque and Bangue etc.

Contact [ correction ]
Address : Mozambique
Contact : Police
Contact 2 : Maputo General Hospital
Tel : +258 21 400 159
Tel2 : +258 21 320 828

Directions [ correction ]

Not available

Activities [ correction ]
Game Viewing, Game Drives, Night Drives, Quad Bikes, 4WD Trails, Tours and Excursions, Picnics, Hiking Trails, Guided Walks, Mountain Biking, Horse Trails, Camel Rides, Golf, Fishing, Swimming, Diving, Snorkelling, Surfing, Sandboarding, Water Skiing, Canoeing, Sea_Kayaking, Sailing, Boat Trips, Bird Watching, Whale or Dolphin Watching, Stargazing, Photography

Travelling Information

No drivers licence, Speeding, Non-roadworthy vehicle (lights/brakes etc not working), Not having 2 triangles, Not having 2 safety jackets, Not having an insurance policy, Not wearing seat belts (in front and back), Drunk driving, Alcohol in vehicle - must be sealed in the boot, Exceeding number of persons in vehicle that is registered on car papers, Ignoring traffic regulator lines, signs etc. or not having a blue and yellow towing sticker on the front of your vehicle if towing. More offences are canoes or loads on top of vehicles obstructing ANY view of the windscreen (eg: canoes must face up so curved end does not obstruct view), Arms out of windows, Driving without a shirt or shoes, Vehicle not conforming to your papers (eg canopy etc), Cigarettes in the car without a fire extinguisher, Talking on cell phone, Not having receipts for all goods purchased (customs officials - ALFANDEGA - can fine).

Mozambique is relatively safe, but petty theft is a problem. (May-12).

Some important numbers to have is the Anti-corruption hotline +258(0)82 965 7804, medical emergencies phone 84 124 - ER24. Maputo General Hospital number is +258(0)84 389 0468. Police number is 112.

The number for the South African High Commission is +258(0)21 243 000 or after hours emergency +258(0)84 304 4600. The number for the Track N4 route Emergencies is +258(0)82 303 4303 or +258(0)84 343 4346. (Jan-12).

If entering Mozambique, you have to buy car insurance at the border, or you can buy it in South Africa at Outdoor Warehouse. (2014).

Always make sure that you have small denominations of notes. Some places, like pubs for instance, won't have the 'change' that you may require. (August 2011).

Whilst ATMs are common, those that take the type of cards that travellers from South Africa use were not that abundant. From experience Standard Bank, FNB and BCI Bank ATMs work well in Mozambique. Visa is the best card option to have but even this is not accepted by all cash machines. You are reminded that it’s important to have at least two different card options to fall back on.

Northern Mozambique seems almost untouched by western civilization; the downside being that it is highly populated and, recalling repeated warnings from local people not to bush camp, it is very difficult for visitors to find a suitable and safe night stop. (May 2015).
Tourists have also reported very unfriendly treatment by local police in Pemba. (May 2015).

When you are pulled off by police make sure to ask for identification and ask their name if they want to search your car for illegal objects. (Note that they are not allowed to fine you for traffic offences).
Never hand over your passport or drivers licence you are allowed to only show them. (Jan-12).

A traveller had good reports about the Mozambican police during April 2013. They had no trouble with them, they passed through many police checkpoints in Maputo and the road north, a few radar speed traps were also spotted, but they were never stopped.

The police focus seems to be more on taxis and other commercial vehicles. You are advised to stick to 60km in town areas, and you should then have no problems. Note that there is a mandatory speed limit of 60km/h in all villages! (Apr-13).

When you are pulled off by the traffic police (they wear a white shirt with navy blue trousers) or by police (they wear grey or green uniforms), put on your indicator and pull over, remove your sun-glasses and turn the music down (a sign of respect and trust). Greet the officer politely, never be rude. Wait for him/her to ask what they and check he/she is wearing a badge or ask for an ID before showing your identification (no badge then no questions or fine). Go through the motions of showing your license etc. If you are guilty of an offence first apologise.

When you are pulled off by the traffic police always insist on a ticket and receipt for spot fining. (ie. the actual fine is always cheaper than the bribe). Keep the receipt and show to your host destination, let them take a copy. If you have paid a fine and the officer does not give you a receipt, insist on a receipt, or ask for your money back - do not give up and leave. Tell him you will report him at ASINHOS or at the next police station. If you have handed over your papers and they are not returned and you are being harassed or threatened, phone ASINHOS. Do not be scared or intimidated but do not get aggressive.

What you will need when travelling to Mozambique is 3rd party insurance you can purchase it at the border, 2 emergency triangles and reflectors.

 Travel Tip!

Malaria prevention should always be taken. Sleep under mosquito nets. Bring preventative lotions and cover up in the evening! When fined by traffic police Insist on a receipt and help stamp out bribery and corruption!

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